Outdoor Applications Spawn High-brightness Display Products

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With the different pursuits of display effects in various industries, commercial displays, and industrial displays have shown a good development trend. Display technologies and products around 4K, OLED, touch, and LED are blooming everywhere, and many manufacturers have launched dazzling products. At the same time, the general optimism in digital signage, education, security, and other markets has brought more opportunities for large-size displays, and the demand for outdoor high-brightness display is also gradually growing.

high-brightness display

In today’s market, the brightness of outdoor can reach 1000nits, 1500nits, 2000nits, 3000nits, 5000nits. There are also many choices of LCD screen display sizes, ranging from 7 inches to 98 inches, and larger sizes can satisfy customers. needs. The relevant certificates are also very complete, such as quality assurance system ISO9001, BV, TUV, etc.

Compared with ordinary LCD screens, outdoor high-brightness displays have better reliability and performance. Ordinary LCD screens are designed for TVs and PC monitors, so they will have certain limitations. For example, they will heat up if used for too long. It does not support long-term and continuous use day and night. However, the high-brightness display can achieve continuous use 24/7 due to its unique technical support.

The requirements for outdoor high-brightness display is relatively strict. The use environment of outdoor high-brightness displays faces many challenges, such as high temperature and humidity, low temperature environment, strong vibration, strong electromagnetic interference, etc. In terms of design, issues such as current, power consumption, temperature, resistance to electrical interference, electric shock capability, and mean time between failures of industrial LCD screens need to be taken into consideration. At the same time, the industrial display also uses a completely shielded metal shell, which ensures electromagnetic compatibility and anti-interference performance. In the selection of the LCD center panel and components, the industrial LCD display uses a professional industrial LCD panel, and the components are Voltage, current, temperature, humidity. It is precisely because of these challenges that outdoor high-brightness displays can be perfectly used in various industries.

All in all, high-brightness display has the advantages of waterproof and dustproof, outdoor readability, etc., and can be adapted to many applications, such as subway stations, train stations and airports, outdoor advertising, commercial billboards, sports venues and entertainment venues, retail and catering industries, Government and public services, automotive industry, theme parks and amusement parks: for map navigation.

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