Education and Conference Machine Features

  • 3mm physical tempered anti-glare glass; strengthen the visual effect, improve the touch experience; standard 20-point touch, faster-writing speed, the best writing experience.
  • Built-in WIFI modules on the Android motherboard and PC in the machine, which are convenient for users to perform wireless transmission and network operations through WIFI.
  • Education and Conference Machine supports side-pull touch menu, support any channel writing, annotation, screenshot function; child lock function, button function can be shielded by setting, etc.
  • Front-mounted expansion port: Front-mounted one-button start switch realizes three-in-one TV, computer, and energy-saving integrated switch function; convenient operation, simple and elegant appearance.
  • The front remote control window is convenient for users to use the remote control to operate, set and debug the machine.
  • Front speaker sound, honeycomb soundhole.
  • Aluminum alloy outer frame, sandblasted anodized surface, iron shell back covers, active heat dissipation; ultra-narrow sandblasted face frame, ultra-narrow design, the face frame of the whole machine is only 26mm on one side.