Golden Margins is a leading Industrial Touchscreen Monitor manufacturer providing reliable, cost-effective, and flexible touch screens and industrial panel PCs. We are committed to bringing the best quality, service, and touch solutions to our customers.

Our product range includes Capacitive Touchscreen Monitors, Waterproof Touch Screen Monitors, IP65 High Brightness Touchscreen Monitors, Open Frame Touch Screens, and Industrial All-in-one Pcs. Or use our advanced touchscreen monitor to create a Custom Touch Screen based on your requirements. We can deliver any quantity of products with fast shipping options.

Golden Margins Touchscreen monitor and Panel PCs from 15.6 inch to 55 inch

Touchscreen Monitors

Our touch screen monitor is the perfect everyday screen for professionals. With a wide range of screen sizes from 15.6-inch to 55-inch, an open frame, full HD with optical bonding that is anti-glare and made with high precision AG glass, our touch screen monitor can meet anything you throw at its visually excellent interface.

Industrial Panel PCs

All series of All-In-One machines are equipped with stable processors, metal body design, steady and durable, and customized interfaces to meet customer needs.