Golden Margins
Industrial Monitors & Industrial Panel PCs Customized Items

Function Customization

Golden Margins provides a variety of functional customization items, including fingerprint collector, camera, microphone, infrared sensor, magnetic stripe card reader, NFC, RFID, thermal printer, etc.

Special Customization

We provide special customized items according to customers' applications, such as embedded customized development for single boards, core boards, and whole boards, so as to provide comprehensive and diversified product requirements for customers' solutions.

Performance Customization

According to the requirements of peripheral configuration, the device system configuration and driver interface design also can be customized to meet the interface application requirements.

Protection Customization

According to customers' different industry characteristics, the product's protection performance for special environments can be customized, so as to adapt to various harsh environment applications.

Appearance Customization

We have a professional Design and R&D Dept to provide perfect diversity appearance in terms of appearance colors, logo, materials, functions according to customers' requirements. The industrial aesthetic design, cooling system structural customization, mature modular design will provide a solid, stable, durable, and elegant product appearance for customers.

Other Customization

According to different customers' industry standards requirements, we can provide various professional EMC testing, FCC testing, CE testing, waterproof, dust-proof, and other tests. Other packaging and personalized customization service are available.

All-in-one Machine Customization

For more customization details, please contact us.

Screen customization support

Extended Temperature Screen

The standard is - 10℃to 60℃, customizable is - 40℃-90℃

Highlight Screen

The standard is 400cd/㎡, customizable ≧ 1500cd/㎡

Touch Screen

resistant/capacitive/infrared sensor


Automatically adjusts brightness according to ambient light

Full view screen

The standard is 160°, customizable is178°

Suitable for outdoor or bright light conditions

Anti-glare Screen

Suitable for outdoor or bright light conditions

High Resolution Screen

Available upon request

Anti-spy screen

Effectively protect bussiness secrets and personal privacy

Other Screens

Explosion-proof screen/ Electromagnetic screen/Acoustic screen/Nano screen

Performance customization

Antimagnetic and electric interference

Through EMC interference detection

Dustproof waterproof

Can be customized fully closed waterproof and dustproof

Shock resistance

Coping with special circumstances


Applying corrosion resistant materials for special occasions

Anti-high & low temperature

Suitable for high temperature and low temperature environmentcustomizable is - 40℃-90℃

I/O interface

Support customization as required

Low power consumption and wide voltage

Coping with voltage instability

Configure customization

The CPU hard disk memory is configured as required

BIOS Settings

Such as power on,switch on and off , etc

Other customization

Computer systems / software

Meeting the software requirements of various industries

Appearance customization

Support visual design. Custom prototype

LOGO customization

Support OEM/ODM


A variety of machine installation methods

Size customization

Support machine size,screen size customization

Personalized customization

One can also be customized

Add functional modules

Fingerprint recognition

Stable and convenient emerging biotechnology

Iris recognition

Convenient accurate and safe identification

Infrared sensor

Human infrared sensor

RFID readers

IC and ID card can be read  

Built-in thermal printer

58mm/80mm bills are available and can be refitted for A4 printing

3G/4G Plug bayonet

Realize voice call function and Internet access function

Fingerprint collector

Accuracy, precision

NFC Reader

For payment or access control