Golden Margins Touchscreen Monitors

Golden Margins is a leading industrial touch screen monitor manufacturer providing reliable, cost effective, and flexible touch screen monitors. We are committed to bringing the best quality, service and touch solutions to our customers.

Our product range includes Industrial Touch Screen Monitors, Waterproof Touch Screen Monitors, Outdoor Touch Screen Monitors, and Touch Screen PC Stations. Or use our advanced touchscreen monitor to create a custom touch monitor based on your requirements. We can deliver any quantity of products with fast shipping options.

Product Features

Our touch screen monitor is the perfect everyday screen for professionals. With a wide range of screen sizes from 15.6-inch to 55-inch, an open frame, full HD with optical bonding that is anti-glare and made with high precision AG glass, our touch screen monitor can meet anything you throw at its visually excellent interface.

Brilliant Displays from 15.6-inch to 55-inches

Optical Bonding

LOCA optical bonding, an optical bonding technology, was developed by Golden Margins which was based on liquid organic silicone material.

AG Glass(anti-glare glass)

The AG glass protects the monitor while eliminating glare and making sure your display is clear as day.


An industrial ip65 aluminum housing with IP65 dust and water protection rating(completely sealed to keep dust and particles from accumulating)

Multi-touch Technology

10-points multi-touch on the capacitive screen renders any cursor at fingertip sensitivity—never miss a click again!

Full HD(2K)

Full HD(1920H ×1080V 2.1 megapixel 16:9 Aspect ratio) with optical bonding that is anti-glare and was made with high precision AG glass, the touch screen monitor can meet anything you throw at it for a visually excellent interface.

Advanced Connectivity

Make every program easy to find because of its broad compatibility with HDMI, DVI and VGA connectivity ports which can be accessed simultaneously using dual-link DVI cables

Golden Margins carries a wide selection of touch screen monitors that work with your existing equipment. If you’re looking for a complete touchscreen solution, look no further. Check out our capacitive touchscreens to help you complete your project and start saving time, contact our sales team.

Explore Our Touchscreen Products

Golden Margins Touchscreen Monitors

Capacitive Touchscreen Monitor

The 10-points capacitive touch screen makes it perfect for all your needs. The AG glass protects the monitor while eliminating glare and making sure your display is clear as day. Windows or Android operating system standard depending on purchase preference, the 1080p resolution accommodates the most demanding applications with ease. The HDMI port offers excellent connections to 3D TVs, gaming consoles and other video sources.


High Brightness Touch Monitor

Discover the ip65 high brightness touch screen monitor, with a 15.6-inch to 55-inch touch display and full HD glory. We also offer optical bonding for your viewing pleasure, 10-points of multi-touch, AG anti-glare glass that offers friendly eyes regardless of your viewing angle, HDMI and VGA ports for connecting all your devices. To go along with it all is our android or Windows operating system whichever tickles your fancy!

Open Frame Touchscreen Monitor

Open Frame Touchscreen Monitor

Our open frame touchscreen allows you to choose from the best in sizes. Whether it be 15 inches or 55 inches, this touch screen will suit you just right! Other features on this touch screen monitor are optical bonding, anti-glare glass for improved visibility and better safeguarding (IP65), 10-points touch for natural interaction, high-resolution HDMI DVI VGA inputs.

Bar Type LCD Monitor

Ultra-wide Bar Type LCD Display

GM Ultra-Wide Stretched Bar Type LCD Touchscreen design has an AG coating that effectively reduces glare and optical bonding. It is equipped with an HDMI waterproof interface. In addition, the 2K high-definition monitor screen can display delicate picture quality. Furthermore, optical bonding between the touch screen and LCD modules makes the image more realistic.