Capacitive TouchScreen Monitors
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Golden Margins Capacitive Touchscreen Monitors With AG Touch Display And Optical Bonding
Golden Margins Capacitive Touchscreen Monitors With AG Touch Display And Optical Bonding

In contrast to a resistive touchscreen based on mechanical pressure applied by the finger or pen, a capacitive touchscreen takes advantage of the fact that the human body is naturally conductive.

Capacitive screens are composed of a transparent, conductive substance — typically ITO — deposited on a glass substrate. It is the glass material that your finger touches.

Surface Capacitive 

Four electrodes are positioned at each corner of the touchscreen in a surface capacitive configuration, maintaining a constant voltage throughout the entire conductive layer.

When your conductive finger makes contact with any region of the screen, the current is initiated between the electrodes on the screen and your finger. Sensors embedded beneath the screen detect changes in voltage and their location.

Projected Capacitive

In a device with a projected capacitive setup, transparent electrodes are arranged in a matrix pattern along with the protective glass layer.

When the screen is not in use, one line of electrodes (vertical) maintains a steady current level. Another line (horizontal) is triggered when your finger touches the screen, hence initiating the current flow in that location.

Where the two lines connect, the matrix formation generates an electrostatic field. This is one of the most sensitive types of touchscreens, which is why certain phones can detect a finger touch even before the finger makes contact with the screen.

Additionally, projected capacitive technology enables you to operate the touchscreen while wearing thin gloves.

Touchscreens: Resistive vs. Capacitive

Among the advantages of a resistive touchscreen are the following:

  • Manufacturing costs are reduced.
  • Increased sensor resolution—you can more easily tap small buttons with just your fingertips.
  • Fewer unintended touches
  • Can detect any object that makes a strong enough contact with the screen
  • More resistant to environmental variables such as heat and water

Among the advantages of a capacitive touchscreen are the following:

  • More robust
  • Images that are sharper and have a greater contrast
  • Multiple-touch sensing
  • More dependable—will function even if the screen cracks (until you replace the touchscreen)
  • Additional sensitivity to light touch

The device's application mostly determines the decision to utilize a capacitive or resistive touchscreen.

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Golden Margins Touchscreen monitors
Golden Margins Touchscreen monitors

Capacitive Touchscreen Monitors  15.6″21.5″23.8″27″32″43″, and 55″ rugged LCD touchscreen displays from Golden Margins are constructed to last. A Golden Margins Monitor's Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) is > 50,000+ hours OR 6+ Years of continuous operation and combined with the new 3 Year Warranty. A Golden Margins Monitor provides true peace of mind.

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