Methods of Testing the Brightness of Industrial LCD Monitors

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1. The brightness range of industrial LCD 

In the selection of industrial LCD screens, we often have to pay attention to various parameters, among which the brightness of the screen is the most concern to many customers. Generally speaking, the brightness of industrial LCD screens ranges from 250 nits to over 1000 nits, so how do test the brightness of LCD?

Brightness of Industrial LCD

2. Test method for the brightness of industrial LCD

1) Hardware test method

The luminance colorimeter adopts the method of a three-color filter, which can measure luminance, color temperature celeb, cieluv, color difference, etc., and can switch four measurement angles. It is suitable for low-brightness measurement in low-brightness areas with small measuring angles (0.1°/0.2°). For long-distance measurement, the extension cord can be used to measure the host and sensor separately. The instrument’s additional keyboard (optional) can be used for a variety of functions, including inputting color coefficients and brightness deviations. In addition, it can also be used for data storage, analysis, and printing on computers, and has a wide range of applications in lighting engineering, film, and architecture.

2) Software testing method

With the help of professional industrial LCD screen brightness test software, not only can detect industrial LCD, but also CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) displays. It includes many test items, which can detect important indicators such as LCD color, response time, text display effect, and “dead pixels”.

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