Advantages of using LCD screens as digital signage

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As LCD screens penetrate into all aspects of life, some retailers have also begun to choose to use LCD screens. For the retail store industry, LCD digital signage can improve customer experience, help merchants promote brands and display promotional information, and provide interactive flexibility, instant updates, and customizable enhancements.

So let’s take a look at the advantages of using LCD screens as digital signage.

  • Improve the pleasure of shopping

With the continuous improvement of interactive technology applications, in large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, restaurants, cinemas and other public places where people gather, it is a multimedia professional audio-visual system that releases business, financial and entertainment information through large- screen terminal display equipment. digital signage in retail stores can create a relaxed and comfortable shopping atmosphere for retail stores and stimulate consumers’ shopping enthusiasm.

  • Various media expression methods

Community property information is mostly trivial but closely related to daily life. In addition to various media expression methods such as: video, audio, pictures, animation,and free notices and organizational arrangements for community activities, it also includes various service introduction information. The traditional information release model only combines this information into a single printed promotional material, which is sent to each household or posted in places such as corridors, elevator entrances, and community information boards. This approach causes a great waste of resources, and at the same time, it is often dispersed due to the negligence of residents, which greatly reduces the arrival rate of information and reduces the dissemination efficiency.

The tide of information technology has swept every corner of society and aroused people’s higher requirements for housing. Digital and information-based communities will be an inevitable trend in the construction of residential communities, which greatly improves the management efficiency of property work. It also means timely, comprehensive and rich information reports, high-quality and efficient information services and a new community cultural atmosphere.

  • Digital notices for large exhibition centers and competition venues

Usually, existing large screens or new screens in large exhibition centers or competition venues are used as terminals for multimedia information display. Through this system, the live broadcast of competitions or large-scale events or the release of related real-time information can be broadcast.

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