Different Types of Industrial Computers

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Industrial computers

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Industrial computers come in all shapes and sizes. There are many different types of industrial computers on the market, each designed for a specific purpose. In this article, we will discuss the differences between the various types as well as their applications.

The main different varieties of industrial computers are:

  • Industrial PCs
  • Panel PCs
  • Tablets
  • Industrial display monitors
  • Single board computers

Industrial PCs

An industrial PC is a type of Industrial computers that comes in all shapes and sizes. There are many different types of industrial computers on the market, each designed for a specific purpose. In this article, we will discuss the differences between the various types as well as their applications. a computer that is specially designed for use in industrial environments. Unlike a standard PC, an industrial PC is designed for use in harsh settings. It is usually resistant to dust, vibration, extreme temperatures, and other conditions that would damage a standard PC.

An industrial PC will also usually have more robust input/output options, making it well-suited to use in industrial automation and quality control systems.

In addition, an industrial PC will typically have a longer lifespan than a standard PC, as it is designed to withstand heavy use. An industrial computer can remain operational for seven to ten years, while the average turnover for consumer PCs is around just two years.

In terms of functionality, an industrial PC can differ from a standard PC in a number of ways. For instance, it may have additional ports or expansion slots to accommodate specialized peripherals.

Sometimes an industrial PC can also include integrated security features, such as fingerprint scanners or TPM chips.

DSL’s industrial PCs are ideal for anywhere where a normal desktop computer just won’t be able to cut it. For instance, our industrial PCs come into their own where there is lots of dust, extreme temperatures or you need 24/7 reliability.

We offer various types of industrial PCs, all high quality and hardwearing, with a fanless design, sealed casings, and more durable components. They come in a huge range of sizes from ultra-slim to heavy-duty expandable.

In addition, our interfaces are all highly customizable and we can add or remove any I/O depending on what your requirements are.

Panel PCs

Panel PCs are a type of industrial PC that is designed for use in tough settings and are usually used in an industrial environment such as a factory or warehouse. These computers are built to withstand dust, extreme temperatures, and vibration, making them ideal for use in factories, power plants, and other industrial settings.

An industrial panel PC will typically have a large, easy-to-read display that can be viewed even in direct sunlight.

They also usually have touchscreens that allow operators to interact with the computer without the need for a keyboard or mouse. These can often be resistive touchscreens so that they can be used with gloves.

Industrial panel PCs typically run a specialized operating system that is optimized for industrial use. This makes them ideal for applications such as process control and monitoring, data entry, and barcode scanning.

In addition, they usually have rugged enclosures that protect the components from damage, making them tough and durable. If you need an industrial PC that can withstand rough treatment and handle demanding applications, then a panel PC is a perfect choice.

Golden Margins offers a range of industrial touch panel PCs that enable interaction without the need for a mouse and keyboard. All of our touch panel PCs have 7H hardened anti-vandal glass so the touchscreens will continue to work in even the harshest of environments.

They are high quality, look good and we offer a five-year warranty with each of them. Our Panel PC range varies in display size from 7 inch up to 24 inch. You can also opt for the performance option and IP rating depending on the level of robustness you need.

Industrial Tablets

An industrial tablet is a portable panel PC. It comes into its own wherever and whenever you need to have rugged, high-quality computing power in an industrial setting that isn’t fixed to a particular location to operate.

These devices are ruggedized to withstand tough working conditions. This means that they can survive drops, bumps, vibrations, and extreme temperatures. As a result, they are less likely to break down or require repairs.

They also offer features that are critical for many industrial applications, such as sunlight-readable displays, RFID readers, and barcode scanners.

These devices are designed for specific applications and can help streamline processes. Industrial computer tablets can be used for a variety of applications, such as inventory management and quality control, order entry, or barcode scanning.
In addition, industrial tablets can be equipped with a variety of optional accessories, such as point-of-sale stands and vehicle mounts. As a result, they are an ideal solution for a wide range of mobile workers, from retail clerks to field technicians.

These devices also often come with software pre-installed that is specific to the needs of the user. For example, an industrial tablet may have software that allows for the tracking of work order data or the monitoring of machine conditions.

As a result, these devices can provide a high level of productivity and efficiency in industrial settings.

Some models even come with built-in printers or scanners. This makes them ideal for use in warehouse or manufacturing environments.

When it comes to business efficiency, industrial tablets are hard to beat.

Golden Margins is a range of industrial tablets ideal for moving around factory or shop floors or in remote locations. They are slim and light, with a 10-inch display, IP54 rating, 4-foot drop test, and extended battery life.

Industrial Display Monitors

An industrial display monitor is a specialized type of computer monitor that is designed for use in industrial settings. These monitors are typically much more rugged and durable than standard consumer-grade monitors, and they are often equipped with features that are specifically designed for use in industrial applications.

They are usually made from durable materials such as stainless steel or aluminum, and they often have reinforced glass panels to protect the screen from scratches and other damage.

Industrial display monitors are ideal for situations where you want the advantages of a Panel PC touch screen, i.e. vandal proof, waterproof and hardwearing, but without a PC inside it. This enables it to run off another piece of equipment or PC.

Industrial display monitors are typically used in industrial settings such as factories and warehouses, where they can be exposed to dust, vibration, and extreme temperatures.

In addition to their durability, industrial display monitors also offer a number of other features that make them well-suited to use in these demanding environments.

For example, many industrial display monitors feature sunlight-readable displays that can be easily seen even in direct sunlight, offering wide viewing angles and high brightness levels that make them ideal for use in environments where there is a lot of ambient light.

Another feature many models include is built-in touch screens that allow workers to interact with the machine without having to remove their gloves.

These monitors are typically used in factory assembly lines, process control rooms, and other harsh environments where standard desktop monitors would not be able to withstand the conditions.

Industrial display monitors are constructed with reinforced housing, heavy-duty power supplies, and enhanced cooling systems to ensure that they can operate reliably in demanding conditions.

They are used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and military applications.

All Golden Margins industrial display monitors have 7H hardened anti-vandal glass so the touch screens will continue to work in the harshest of environments. They are great quality, look good and we offer a five-year warranty on them.

Our range varies in display sizes from 7 inches up to 24 inches and IP rating depending on the level of robustness required.

Single Board Computers

A single-board computer (SBC for short) is a fully functional computer built on a single circuit board, with all the necessary components to run a basic operating system. These components include a CPU, memory, storage, and input/output ports.

Single-board computers are used in a wide variety of applications, from industrial control systems, automotive systems, and medical devices to embedded systems and beyond. Many SBCs are designed for specific tasks, such as data acquisition or image processing. Others are general-purpose, meaning they can be used for any number of tasks.

While they still tend to be less powerful than their desktop or laptop counterparts, single-board computers offer a unique set of advantages that make them ideal for certain tasks.

For example, they are very energy efficient and are often capable of running without a fan, making them ideal for use in embedded systems.

Single-board computers also tend to be more modular and easier to repair than traditional PCs. As a result, they are often the preferred choice for applications where reliability is critical.

In addition, SBCs are often compact and energy efficient, making them ideal for use in space-constrained environments.

One of the benefits of using an SBC is that it can be customized for specific applications. For example, SBCs can be equipped with special chipsets or memory modules that optimize them for specific tasks.

Today, single-board computers are used in everything from space exploration to gaming consoles.

No matter their purpose, SBCs offer a cost-effective and space-saving solution for many computing needs.

Golden Margins’s range of single-board computers is miniaturized, rugged and ultra-low-powered alternatives to a PCB motherboard. They will enable you to embed the latest computing power and performance into your industrial products.

As you can see, there are different varieties of industrial computers available to suit a wide range of needs. Whether you need a durable display monitor for a harsh environment or a space-saving single-board computer for an embedded system, there is an option out there to fit your needs.

Golden Margins –Entire Range of Touchscreen Products

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