How Much Do You Know About Medical LCD Display Screens?

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Ⅰ. Functions of LCD display screen

With the wide application of medical liquid crystal display in medical equipment, it is of great value and significance for medical equipment engineers to understand and master the common faults and maintenance of liquid crystal display units.

The progress of medical LCD Display Screens shows the gradual maturity of medical technology, so today I will take you to know about medical LCD screens.

1. It is convenient for people

The custom size LCD display screen located in the prominent position of the hospital hall can play the following contents: the name, price, origin, etc. of the drug; the standard of charge for all kinds of examinations and operations; the process flow chart of the procedures for hospitalization and examination of patients;

The orientation distribution map and function introduction of each department of the hospital; brief introduction of the chief physician and attending physician of the hospital and each department; list of doctors sitting in each department on that day;

The introduction of invited experts to the hospital for consultation; New services in hospitals; Hospital “service commitment” and so on, this important information can be displayed through the electronic display screen!

2LCD medical display has a certain influence on the disclosure of hospital affairs. Electronic display can play a hospital’s income, drugs, equipment procurement, engineering construction, decoration, and other bidding and expenditure.

3. Medical LCD display has the effect of promoting relevant laws and regulations. The medical personnel operation specification of the medical personnel is played by the electronic display.

4. LCD medical display screen has the function of popularizing medical knowledge. Through the electronic display screen, you can play “patient Instructions”, “Maternity Instructions”, “baby care”, “nutrition recipes” and so on.

Ⅱ. LCD display screens help the medical industry enter the development of informatization

1. Information construction

It is well known that no industry can live without informationization. Our hospital used to be too crowded and printed a pile of laboratory reports. It is estimated that long days will be lined up.

Now with the intelligent medical equipment of the hospital, a paperless office can be realized from registration to doctor’s diagnosis and treatment to test results, and the patient’s medical history and test form can be clearly seen by the doctor through the intelligent terminal on hand.

This is the credit of information construction. The work of doctors and nurses can be easily completed through the operation of an ip67 LCD display in hand.

2. Convenience of staying at home

In addition to bringing convenience to hospitals, many patients with mild conditions can be treated directly at home. This is another series of smart medical facilities.

For example, blood sugar, atomizers, and so on. As long as it’s set up on our LCD display, you can easily test your physical condition.

LCD screens have brought many solutions to the medical industry. With the continuous update of the LCD display technology, there will be more medical industry fusion solutions in the future, and the health and health care industry will take off!

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