How to use an industrial panel PC correctly?

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Due to the current technical constraints and the impact of equipment used on the environment, industrial display displays if affected by water droplets, dust, temperature difference, etc., will not work properly. Therefore, industrial touch panel PC needs regular maintenance and repair.

 Industrial touch screen monitor is a highly integrated touch-control integrated machine with a variety of electronic components, the following issues need to be paid attention to in use and maintenance:

(1) The industrial display screen should be cleaned and wiped with a soft dry cloth before starting.

(2) The water on the touch screen needs to be dried. Droplets or drinks falling on industrial touch screens can interfere with touch procedures because they have similar properties to fingers;

(3) Dust. A little dust will not lead to an inaccurate response of the industrial display controller, but too much dust will reduce the sensitivity of the touch screen and screen recognition ability. The screen needs to be wiped clean with a dry cloth.

(4) Keep the screen surface clean. Dirty fingerprints and oil stains on industrial tablets can be cleaned with glass cleaner after a period of use.

(5) Do not turn the machine on and off frequently. Industrial displays generate a large number of temporary files on the hard disk as they run. If the Windows operating system is powered off frequently or not logged out before the shutdown, hard disks may become faulty.

(6) Operate according to the regulations. When switching on or off the power supply, operate strictly according to the regulations. It should be noted that the switching on or off of the power supply should be carried out in reverse order.

(7) Currently, there is no mouse cursor in the main industrial display touch-screen program because the flicker of the cursor distracts the user. If industrial tablets are equipped with complex patterns, they need to sacrifice reaction speed and system resources. You are advised to use the anti-mouse mode that meets the requirements.

(8) Cleaning. According to the harsh environment, set the time limit for opening the prompt, and clean the reflective stripe and inner surface of the touch screen.

(9) Cooling measures. Industrial touch computer belongs to man-machine interface integrated machine, the host heat is large. It is necessary to take corresponding cooling measures for the surrounding environment of the touch screen body and industrial display.

(10)Be careful of static electricity. The control and drive circuit of the industrial panel PC motherboard module belongs to a low voltage, low power CMOS circuit. Easily penetrated by static electricity. Once the circuit is broken down by static electricity, the damage is irreparable. Due to the external environment, sometimes the electrostatic voltage carried by the human body can reach tens of volts or even hundreds of volts. Therefore, corresponding measures must be taken in operation, assembly, and use. Be careful to avoid static electricity.

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