Outdoor High Brightness Touch Screens Enhance Load-Outs

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With the many advantages to upgrading load-out systems, some challenges should be addressed prior to installation. Technology has helped increase the efficiency, accuracy, and safety of load-outs by allowing drivers to check in, weigh in, get lane verification, and weigh out through an automated kiosk ticketing system. This eliminates manual transaction errors, is user-friendly, and is safer, allowing drivers to get accurate quick results with less labor. The kiosks are installed at drive-up truck height which allows the drivers to stay in their trucks.  It can reduce liability, extend loading hours, improve traffic flow, and increase daily transactions and profits. It minimizes physical interactions between the scale house personnel and drivers to maintain social distancing as well.

High Brightness Touch Screens
High Brightness Touch Screens

Automated load-out solutions provide operators with clear, concise instructions at kiosks, grain terminals, and feed mills worldwide.  It is far more reliable than an app on a phone that depends on battery levels or unreliable internet service in remote areas. Various other operations such as cement, frac sand, chemical plants, mining, construction/timber, landfills, and transfer stations are also benefiting from these systems.

    1.   Damage due to dirt, dust, rain, sleet, snow, or UV from the sun
    2.   The screen is difficult or impossible to see in sunlight
    3.   Extreme temperature operation
    4.   24/7/365 operation
    5.   Shock and vibration
    6.   Reliable operator interface
    7.   Compatibility / interconnect-ability
    8.   Specific power requirements
    9.   Difficult to use
    10.  Custom needs

Golden Margins Sunlight Readable High Brightness Touch Screens with 1,500 nits of brightness. It features a waterproof panel-mount stainless steel enclosure. This model addresses all of the Top 10 challenges head-on:


Weather is obviously a huge concern at every location. Rain, sleet, snow, and ice would cause catastrophic damage to standard consumer-grade touch screens. The industrial grade features a stainless steel panel-mount enclosure, rated NEMA 4X. It offers protection from dust, rain, splashing and even hose-downs. The unit flush-mounts into your wall, door or kiosk to ensure easy installation and years of reliable performance. The screen features a UV-protective coating to eliminate damage from direct, bright sunlight.


Drivers must be able to see and read content on the screen at any time of day. Unfortunately, standard touch screens are not bright enough to operate in direct, bright sunlight. Even sun visors and shields do not provide a reliable solution. High Brightness Touch Screens are able to display clear, sharp images even in indirect or direct sunlight without loss in image quality thanks to their higher brightness. Sunlight Readable monitors feature screens with brightness of over 1,000 nits, compared to 200-300 nits for standard video monitors. Therefore, the result is an amazingly bright screen, even in direct, bright sunlight on the face of the screen.


Extreme temperatures are a major concern. The displays must be performed in Canadian winters and in Las Vegas in the summer. The Golden Margins Sunlight Readable High Brightness Touch Screens are designed to operate outdoors in nearly any environmental conditions.  They perform in frigid conditions or blazing heat and will operate in temperatures from -22°F up to 185°F.


One of the many advantages of an automated load-out system is round-the-clock 24/7/365 unattended operation. The touch screens must continue to function reliably, 24 hours a day, for years to come. All of our industrial-grade monitors and designed and built to do just that.


Another consideration is shock and vibration. The monitors will experience consistent vibration, as well as possible accidental impact. Consumer-grade monitors will not withstand harsh treatment. However,  monitors undergo a unique treatment to maximize shock and vibration resistance. Our process includes RTV silicone on all critical components and connections; all wires are dressed, tie-wrapped and secured; and ThreadLock is applied to all screws. This ensures ongoing reliable performance.

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High Brightness Monitor
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We hope you found these touchscreen or panel PC fundamentals informative. Goldenmargins offers a broad selection of Industrial Touchscreen Monitors and Touch Panel PCs in various sizes and configurations, including medical touch screens, sunlight-readable touch screens, open-frame touch screens, and waterproof touch panels, as well as other unique touch screen or panel PC designs. You can learn more about our services HERE or by calling us at +86 755 23191996 or sales@goldenmargins.com


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