What Are the Industrial High-brightness Touch Display Technologies?

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industrial high brightness touch display

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Industrial displays have many advantages, but at the same time, Industrial High-brightness Touch Display also face many challenges in design and technology, and need to be optimized for different outdoor environments. Depending on the usage scenario, there are different technical requirements for indoor and outdoor use. But when it comes to outdoor use, we need to consider more. For example, the brightness requires that it can be read clearly under strong sunlight, and the influencing factors of the outdoor environment must also be considered. Therefore, waterproof technology, as well as high and low temperatures, must also be considered. Wait for the influence of temperature to adopt corresponding technology. All in all, outdoor industrial displays face more challenges and require more technology. Today we will discuss in depth the technology behind industrial outdoor displays and how they can enhance your outdoor experience.

Industrial High-brightness Touch Display

What technologies are used in outdoor Industrial High-brightness Touch Display?

High-brightness display technology

If an outdoor display wants to achieve outdoor high-definition readability without any obstacles, it usually needs to reach a brightness of 1,000 nits or higher to ensure that it is still clearly visible under direct sunlight. The technology it adopts is high-brightness LED backlight and enhanced LCD panel. This technology not only provides stronger brightness output and improves readability in strong light environments, but also ensures user comfort and makes information clear. is displayed.

Anti-reflective and anti-glare technology

In order to reduce the reflection of sunlight on the display screen, a layer of special material, namely nano-coating technology, is applied to the surface of the display to reduce the reflection of ambient light and improve contrast and clarity. Untreated glass usually has a reflectivity of about 4%, while the reflectivity of glass with an anti-reflective coating can be as low as 0.5%. Therefore, outdoor high-brightness displays reduce the glare problem caused by sunlight reflection and enhance the readability of the screen. sex. It makes users have better visual effects and better experience when using it.

Waterproof and dustproof technology

Outdoor high-brightness displays cannot avoid thunderstorms and are often exposed to water. Therefore, corresponding waterproof and dustproof technology must be used. Industrial outdoor displays usually need to reach an IP65 or higher protection level. Commonly used are sealed designs, special waterproof coatings, waterproof connectors, etc. to ensure stable operation of the equipment in humid and dusty environments. It effectively prevents water and dust from entering the device, thereby protecting the electronic components inside the display, extending the service life of the device, and ensuring that the device can still work normally in rainy weather.

Temperature adaptation technology

Outdoor displays often need to be exposed outdoors, so continuous high or continuous low temperature conditions also need to be taken into consideration. For devices to work properly under extreme temperature conditions, temperature adaptation technology is usually required, using temperature compensation circuits, heaters, and fan cooling systems. One of the features of the monitor is its wide temperature range, which can support -20°C to 70°C An even wider temperature range ensures reliable performance and stable operation in extreme high or low temperature environments and in various climatic conditions.

In summary, we can know that industrial outdoor displays face various challenges and require a series of advanced technologies to achieve clear display and normal operation under direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and rainy weather. . These technologies are not only designed to improve the performance and durability of outdoor displays, but also to improve users’ outdoor computing experience and meet a wide range of application needs.

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