10.1 Inch Industrial Touch Panel PC and Multimedia Transmission Platforms

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Shenzhen Zaide Optoelectronic Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to the R&D, production, and sales of digital high-definition transmission products. To develop the CBMTP series of multimedia transmission platforms to make the centralized transmission and exchange of multiple types of mixed signals simpler and more intuitive, Zaide Optoelectronics purchased Golden Margins 10.1 inch window7 PANEL PC as a central control computer.


The multimedia transmission platform CBMTP series is a new generation core processing system created by Zaide Optoelectronics. To enable the multimedia transmission platform to flexibly and reliably process and control different signals such as video, control, and data exchanged between media. The company faced the following problems

1. How to centralize the transmission and exchange of multiple types of mixed signals

2. How to make the operation simpler and more intuitive

3. How to comprehensively provide customers with solutions for multimedia video transmission

4. How to cover multiple application scenarios


According to customer requirements, Golden Margins customized a multi-interface computer that can achieve multiple functions for customers and added the following modules

HDMI signal module

Provides eight-way HDMI video signals, HDMI adopts HDMI1.4 version and provides HDCP on and off. Provide high-quality and clear picture display for all resolutions under 720/1080P and 4096*2160. Suitable for indoor short-distance high-definition video signal transmission.

DVI signal module

The DVI signal module provides eight-way DVI video signals, which can automatically equalize the input cable from 1 to 30 meters and automatically restore the clock. If equipped with a DVI signal extension cable, the DVI high-definition signal can be extended to 40 meters, which is suitable for local system signal exchange and transmission.

SDI signal module

The SDI signal module provides eight-way of SDI video signals, the SDI signal provides 50 meters of 1674 A cable transmission, and the SDI signal provides SD, HD, 3D-SDI signal video input and output. Also provides local loop video output.

VGA signal module

The VGA signal module provides eight-way VGA video signals, and VGA provides all the resolutions of VESA to meet the use of various environments. It is suitable for local system signal exchange and transmission.

Control signal module

The customized Panel PC can support the network through the control signal module, RS232 external equipment, and centralized control of the platform’s power supply, fan, video input and output, and conference scenes. It is convenient for technical and user personnel to complete the entire systemic work on an independent device.

10.1 Inch Touch PC


In the follow-up customer feedback, the customer said that the 10.1 Inch Touch PC of Golden Margins enables the centralized transmission and exchange of CBMTP series of multiple types of mixed signals, which excellently solves the video, control, data, and other issues that the multimedia transmission platform can exchange between media. The customized 10.1-inch touch panel PC has played a milestone role in the research and development of digital high-definition transmission products. Its operation is easier and more intuitive, which helps customers solve practical application design problems and provides a better user experience.

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