Golden Margins 21.5-inch Embedded Industrial Display for Laser Cutting Machine in CHINA

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21.5 embedded touch monitorbedded touch monitor

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The customer needs to connect the touch monitor to the console of the laser cutting system and fix it on the machine control panel, let the graphics designed on the computer cooperate with the professional laser cutting software, irradiate the metal surface with the focused laser, and move along the direction of the machine tool to achieve precise cut. In order to meet customer requirements, Golden Margins adopts a 21.5 embedded touch monitor IP65 waterproof and anti-vibration industrial display, and a Win10 system to achieve simple operation of the software interface and realize industrial automation.

Our strengths

Golden Margins embedded industrial computer all-in-one adopts fanless design, aluminum alloy bottom shell material, surface painting and matte process, the overall heat dissipation effect of the body is improved several times, embedded or wall-mounted installation design method, save cabinet space, sturdy Power terminal, DC wide voltage input, suitable for industrial field use, flexible choice, industrial-grade LCD driver board, enhanced anti-interference and filtering functions, effectively resist the high-power motor, servo, and laser generator inside the laser cutting machine. It can be used well in environments with heavy dust and oil pollution, and can also be touched by on-site operators wearing gloves.


Since the laser cutting machine is mainly connected by the embedded industrial computer all-in-one machine and the laser cutting system fixed by the machine control panel, the graphics designed in the embedded industrial computer all-in-one machine cooperate with professional laser cutting software to irradiate the focused laser on the metal The surface moves with the orientation of the machine for precise cutting. The industrial-grade requirements of the display device as a controller are very high. The company faced the following problems:

1. How to make the software interface easy to operate and humanized.

2. How to adapt to the vibrating cutting site environment.

3. How to improve product lifespan Anti-interference.

4. How to prevent dust, oil, and moisture from entering the monitor.

5. What installation method to use.


In response to customer needs, Golden Margins adopts aluminum alloy wire drawing material, fully enclosed body, efficient heat dissipation, anti-interference, anti-corrosion, lightweight, fanless design, waterproof and anti-interference 21.5 embedded touch monitor industrial-grade all-in-one machine.

Win10 system to achieve software interface and simple operation to realize industrial automation.

Wide temperature screen, high resolution, 10-point touch.

The use of thickened glass to resist various harsh external environments.

The front panel reaches the IP65 protection level, and German Wacker glue is used to prevent dust, oil, and moisture from entering the display.

Simply embedded installation method, customers only need to open a square hole in the control panel, after the display is embedded, the four hooks can be tightened to complete the installation operation, which is convenient for hole design and saves on-site installation time. Both the communication and display interfaces use fastened plug-ins to prevent on-site vibration from falling off.

Golden Margins 21.5 inch embedded industrial tablet PC equipment performance:

1.Intel Celeron J3355 2Ghz Quad Core 4G DDR3 64G SSD

2. Aluminum alloy wire drawing material, fully enclosed body, efficient heat dissipation, anti-interference, anti-corrosion, lightweight, fanless design.

3. Support 3G/4G, entry card reader, infrared sensor head, and other module customization.

4. Diversified interfaces, DC12V HDMI VGA USB, etc., to meet various connection needs.

5. Streamlined design, 3mm ultra-thin front panel, optional flush mounting.

6. Support remote switch, support timing switch, network PXE function.

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