What to do When the Industrial LCD Touchscreens Have Function Fail Problem?

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industrial touchscreens

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The LCD touch screen is an indispensable part of industrial equipment, its performance directly affects the normal use of equipment. Now more and more industrial equipment uses the industrial LCD touch screens to control the operation of the whole machine, such as industrial touch computers. As the touch screen is easy to operate and can improve work efficiency, we may occasionally encounter touch screen failure in the process of using it. After the failure occurs, it will directly affect the normal operation of the machine. Today we are going to show you how to use an industrial touch screen.

Industrial Touchscreens

Ⅰ. What to do when the touch functions of the industrial LCD touchscreens fail?

When the touch function of the industrial LCD touchscreen fails, try to enter the offline mode first to verify whether the fault point of the touch screen is whether the backlight is burned out. If it is verified that the cause of the failure is the burning of the backlight, then we can temporarily restore the touch function of the touchscreen LCD monitor according to the following steps.

Ⅱ. How to prevent the touch function of industrial LCD touchscreens from malfunctioning

When designing industrial LCD touchscreens, in order to prevent misoperation, designers will increase the backlight detection function. Once the backlight is burned out, the touch function will automatically be disabled. However, the function of the touch screen is actually normal at this time, so through the above operations, the touch function can be temporarily enabled to allow the device to continue to use. However, like equipment maintenance personnel, from a rigorous point of view, we must replace the backlight of the touch screen as soon as possible to prevent false triggering of the touch screen and causing equipment failure or even safety accidents.

The above are the main reasons for the failure of the industrial LCD touch screen. Basically, the normal use of a product causes two possible damages. One is premature damage caused by design problems of the product itself, the other is the internal old damage caused by the product for too long. If the above two are not, it is usually a protection mechanism set up in the factory, like the backlight detection above. Everyone has to do a good job of maintaining the machine, which can reduce the frequency of machine problems, prolong the life of the machine, and improve production efficiency.

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