What are the essential functions of outdoor displays?

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High-brightness outdoor LCD screens are LCD screens that are brighter than ordinary LCD screens. Because of their characteristics, high-brightness LCD screens are widely used in industrial embedding, long-distance buses, aviation, bus stations, special vehicles, residential properties, and highways. High-brightness LCD screens are also needed in some outdoor places such as highways, large shopping malls, parks, etc., and some display devices in complex and harsh environments with high and low temperatures also need to use high-brightness LCD screens, so high-brightness LCD screens are often called outdoor LCD screens.

The high-brightness LCD screen not only achieves ultra-bright viewing under direct sunlight, but also achieves an ultra-wide operating temperature range of -30°C to 70°C, and an ultra-wide brightness operating range of 300nit-5000nit (grayscale value).

The products are widely used in industrial embedding, long-distance buses, aviation, bus stations, special vehicles, residential properties, highways, large shopping malls, parks, and other outdoor places, as well as in some high and low-temperature display equipment in complex and harsh environments.

outdoor displays

What are the essential functions of outdoor displays?

  • Works well under extreme temperature

We all know that outdoor conditions are changeable, and sometimes the temperature is suitable, but in summer the surface temperature often exceeds 40 degrees Celsius, and sometimes reaches 50 degrees Celsius or 60 degrees Celsius. In winter, extreme temperatures are even more common. Therefore, outdoor displays need to use industrial-grade liquid crystal glass with high temperature resistance. This glass can withstand temperatures up to 110°C without developing black spots or defects even in direct sunlight. With these features, outdoor displays are able to effectively convey information to the target audience regardless of weather or environmental conditions.

  • Optical bonding Technology of Outdoor Displays

Optical bonding is a technology that injects special glue in the display glass or touch screen and TFT liquid crystal (TFT) panel and coated with a layer of resin (OCR) or film (OCA), bonding into a solid laminate without gaps or bubbles. Optical bonding is widely used in the medical, military, transportation and retail sectors where higher performance displays are required due to harsh environments.  Optical bonding is suitable for industries that need to use robust displays in high reliability environments or need to use displays in high ambient light conditions.  The optical bonding process is particularly suitable and more efficient for equipment that operates outdoors or in bright light.

  • Centralized control motherboard with superior performance

The equipment adopts the centralized control motherboard with superior performance. You can mobilize the most suitable operation according to the temperature. The fan is activated when the temperature of the outdoor display reaches 40 degrees Celsius, which not only enhances stability, but also reduces noise interference. Furthermore, when the temperature exceeds 65 ° C, the input power is immediately reduced to 70% to manage the heat generated by the backlight. When the temperature drops, the input power returns to normal. The equipment can operate in standby mode, and the power supply and central control board remain operating.

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Optical Bonding Technology
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