What Are The Common Applications Of Outdoor Industrial Panel PCs?

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Industrial panel PC, also known as industrial touch tablet PC or industrial computer. It has all the functions of an ordinary commercial-grade computer, moreover, the industrial computer has a touch-control integrated design. In the absence of a mouse and keyboard, an industrial panel PC can be operated independently. Therefore, the operation is convenient and simple, and it is widely used in the industrial field.

outdoor Industrial Panel

(1) Industrial Tablet Computer Applies to the Medical Industry

Industrial tablet PC realizes automatic management of surgical operation, which can save a lot of management costs and time. With its portability and full function, the industrial tablet is a powerful tool for mobile medicine. It connects medical records, laboratory reports, and various monitoring and treatment instruments to help medical staff monitor the treatment conditions and new medical reports of each patient at any time.


(2) Industrial Tablets Applies to Transportation Industry

Transport depart personnel often need to query a large amount of information in real time, but it is difficult to deal with emergencies or large-scale business in time. In addition, the transport business is more complex, usually should be an outdoor Industrial Panel, and multiple links and multiple locations of repeated work lead to the risk of omissions and errors. Mobile transportation solutions rely on industrial tablet PC terminals to extend the work system to frontline employees to achieve business processing information search and communication. To be specific, outdoor Industrial Panel can apply to the following items:


1. Urban Light Rail ticket checking system;

2. Maglev train power supply monitoring system;

3. Highway toll collection system;

4. Train vacuum stool collection monitoring system based on soft PLC;

5. Container terminal cargo handling monitoring system.


(3) Industrial Tablet Applies to Service Industry:

Improvement of processing platform performance enables improvement in the computing speed and graphics processing speed of industrial tablet computers. With the progress of industry, innovative applications are emerging to test the scalability of industrial tablet PCs. It is one of the important tools of future industrial tablet computers. When standard products can not meet the needs of users. Customization services have emerged in demand, saving the time and cost of user system configuration. To be specific, it can apply to the following items:


1. Colleges and Universities: campus card;

2. Universities: university computer control and auto-control principle experimental system;

3. Finance: multimedia financial self-help terminal;

4. Finance: self-help bank access control management system;

5. Petroleum: automatic control of oil metering in the petroleum industry;

6. Agriculture: agricultural greenhouse automation control;

7. Food: food assisted automation system;

8. Food: food auxiliary processing system.


(4) Application of Industrial Panel PC In the Environmental Monitoring Industry:

1. National surface water detection;

2. Sewage treatment system;

3. Real-time data acquisition and analysis of environmental detection;

4. Automation control system of water treatment equipment expansion project;

5. Intelligent water supply monitoring and remote management system;

6. Remote monitoring and management system of drinking water station;

7. Monitoring and control system of water booster pump station.


(5) Industrial Computer Applies to Equipment and Machinery Manufacturing Industry:

1. Precise control system for pressure and air tightness test;

2. High voltage/light conversion system of X-ray machine;

3. Automatic gauge control system of plate, strip, and foil rolling mill;

4. Blow moulding hollow moulding machine;

5. Maglev active vibration absorber;

6. Elevator unmanned control system;

7. Automatic control and management system of electronic aging line;

8. Engine condition monitoring (noise/vibration);

9. Distributed sintering machine monitoring system;

10. Distributed hydraulic tool performance checking system.

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