Optical Bonding for Applications on Interactive Kiosks Displays

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About interactive kiosk displays

Interactive display kiosks have a variety of uses in many different environments. Includes self-service check-in, directory ordering systems, information points, interactive street furniture, and wayfinders for the public and members of select organizations. The use of optical bonding reduces or eliminates barriers to user experience in configuring these cost-effective devices and significantly improves.

The use cases for interactive kiosk displays are increasing, allowing customers to serve themselves as reasonably as possible within their budget without compromising customer satisfaction.

Interactive display and touch elements are simple desktop displays with touch screens. However, there are more factors to consider in order to ensure a quality product that is both beautiful and reliable. For example, who will be using it, where it will be used, whether it will be used in direct sunlight, what the support structure will be, what is the expected life of the kiosk. All of these factors have an impact on the design and components used. It’s these considerations that make a kiosk good or bad.

Optical bonding

Optical bonding is widely used in the medical, military, transportation, and retail sectors where higher-performance displays are required due to harsh environments.  Optical bonding is suitable for industries that need to use robust displays in high-reliability environments or need to use displays in high ambient light conditions.  The optical bonding process is particularly suitable and more efficient for equipment that operates outdoors or in bright light.

Optical bonding enhances the interactive kiosk display and protects it from environmental contaminants. It prevents hard substances such as dirt and dust from penetrating the outer glass and inner sealant. Therefore, even with corrosive liquids, the likelihood of serious damage due to optical bonding is much less, provided the spill is dealt with quickly.

Golden Margins –Entire Range of Touchscreen Products

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Optical Bonding Technology
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Golden Margins Capacitive Touch Panel PCs

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