High Brightness Waterproof Panel Mount Touch Screen

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The High Brightness Waterproof Panel Mount Touch Screen. It is the perfect outdoor panel mount monitor for use in direct sunlight. Most importantly, the 10.4″ high brightness screen provides over 1,500 nits brightness. It is for use in direct, bright sunlight. In contrast, this is over 5 times brighter than standard LCD monitors. However, they typically have a brightness of 250-300 nits. Additionally, the 5-wire resistive touch screen enables the user to activate the screen with nearly any object. For example, via exposed or gloved fingers, a pointer, tool, or nearly any other device. The waterproof touch screen and stainless steel enclosure is resistant to water and dirt.

OUTDOOR LCD MONITOR – High Brightness and waterproof

Sunlight Readable monitors are available with waterproof enclosures. These are ideal for factory wash-down environments.  Additionally, they are perfect for outdoor use in challenging weather.  Our panel mount enclosures are made from steel, stainless steel, or aluminum and enable them to also be flush-mounted. Outdoor LCD monitors with high brightness work in a wider range of temperatures. This broadens the environments for use. Temperature ranges are very important to consider when using outdoors.  Consequently, when we combine this with outdoor waterproof enclosures, we ensure your high brightness monitors will be able to function in even the harshest wet, outdoor elements. We will also modify or customize any model to meet your exact requirements.


This Sunlight Readable waterproof panel mount touch screen will operate on 12-24VDC.  An optional AC adapter will enable 90-240VAC operation. The -22° to +185°F operating temperature allows this panel mount touch screen monitor for use in nearly any outdoor conditions. It is designed to operate 24/7 and is has our full 3-year warranty.

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High Brightness Monitor
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We hope you found these touchscreen or panel PC fundamentals informative. Goldenmargins offers a broad selection of Industrial Touchscreen Monitors and Touch Panel PCs in various sizes and configurations, including medical touch screens, sunlight-readable touch screens, open-frame touch screens, and waterproof touch panels, as well as other unique touch screen or panel PC designs. You can learn more about our services HERE or by calling us at +86 755 23191996 or sales@goldenmargins.com

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