What are the Differences Between LED Screens and LCD Screens?

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LED Screens and LCD Screens

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If LED screens are simply defined, they are screen systems similar to TV monitors. LCD screens can be considered the ancestor of LED screens In this text, we will mention the differences between LCD and LED screens. The most basic and significant distinction is that fluorescent lamps are used for illumination goals in LCD screens. However, LEDs, a more up-to-date technology, are used for backlighting in LED monitors. We can list the other distinctions between the two screens as follows;

  • LED screens have a thinner structure.
  • LED screens are much better than LCDs in conditions of manufacturing light in distinction colors. In this way, LEDs provide a more live view.
  • LEDs have better contrast. This feature makes color transitions look more realistic.
  • LED screens use less energy. This feature is a sought-after feature for users.
  • In terms of usage time, LED screens have a longer lifespan than LCD screens.
  • In terms of price comparison, LED screen prices are more expensive. This is predictable because of the properties it has.
  • LED screens are more profitable than classical screens. The feature that causes this is that it has 1/10 strength consumption.
  • LED screens use up to 40% less energy than LCD televisions.
  • The picture grade is much clearer than on other televisions. The cause for this is that it reflects less than classical televisions even when exposed to highlight. The fact that LED screens are not affected by sunlight is a unique opportunity for effective advertisement.

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LED Screen, LED Screen Panels, and LCD Screens Usage Areas

LED screens and small LED screen panels are extensively used today. Therefore, its usage fields are also very large. LED screens are used in football fields, malls, hospitals, openings, hotels, competitions, and many more. As can be seen, the wide usage areas of LED screens provide convenience to people in many aspects. It is preferred because of the nominal cost of some LED screens. And for this reason, its usage area is also wide. LED panels are preferred in the fields of art and culture, visual presentations, classroom boards, and logos.

Besides, the usage areas of LCD screens can be listed as follows.

  • advertising industry
  • stands
  • meetings
  • presentations
  • shopping center

The point of view limitation of LCD screen panels is greater than that of LED screen panels. That is to get a quality view on LCDs, the screen should be viewed directly from a vertical angle. If viewed from different angles, the view loses its authenticity. LED screens preserve view grade and maintain the wanted realism from whatever angle they are viewed. Therefore, LED screen panels outdoors are preferred. Because natural color transitions and realistic appearance from all angles are clearly visible.

Kinds of LED Screens and LCD Screens

  • LCD screen kinds are as follows;
  • Graphic LCD screens: In this type of LCD screen, graphic-style views are taken. So you can project any image you want onto the screen.
  • Alphanumeric LCD screens: In this screen type, only letters are printable. It is used in motor control circuits and other simple electronic circuits.
  • LED screens are divided into two as LED screen panels indoor and outdoor LED screen.

What resolution should I choose for LED screen variants? For example, a nominal-resolution LED screen can be seen clearly from afar. But when you look closely, you will notice that the image is not clear. For this reason, the low resolution should be preferred for outdoor large LED screens. In indoor LED screens, the high resolution should be preferred so that the viewers look at the screen at eye level and obtain a clear image.

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