Application of Industrial LCD Display in Future Smart City Traffic Safety

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1. The advantages of industrial LCD displays

In terms of traffic management, industrial LCDs have also helped traffic police get their act together. Industrial LCD monitors “stand guard” at intersections, automatically catch pedestrians running red lights, and “live broadcast”, play a good warning role. The “Chinese style” of crossing the road weird phenomenon, that appeared in the past, as long as a group of people rushed forward regardless of the traffic lights, now “Chinese style of crossing the road” with the help of the LCD has some extent.

With the development of The Times, the continuous integration of LCD and big data, AR, VR, 3D, and other technologies have made the security prevention and control system more accurate and effective in identification and grasp.

The continuous maturity of industrial LCD display technology makes it the most rational choice in the construction of display terminals in smart cities.

LCD display

2. The application of industrial LCD display in urban traffic

Urban traffic is a problem that troubles everyone.  The most obvious manifestation of this problem is the rush hour.  The construction of intelligent transportation is an important part of the construction of smart city.  Intelligent transportation needs to build a “digital transportation” project, through the collection and processing of numbers, to achieve traffic guidance, to provide good guidance for people’s travel.  This requires a large number of outdoor industrial LCD monitors to provide people with the latest information in the first time at stations or public places where people can easily access information.

Places where people can easily obtain information, such as stations, bus stations, etc., can present some information for the collection and processing of traffic information is particularly important.  Now LCD screens have become important information billboards for traffic guidance.  According to the INFORMATION displayed on the LCD screen, people can make the best choice of traffic, traffic route, traffic time and traffic plan, and re-plan their own traffic plan.  This not only saves personal time cost, but also makes reasonable use of various transportation resources.

In traffic management, industrial LCD monitors have also assisted traffic policemen to start their efforts. Industrial LCD monitors “stand on guard” at traffic intersections, automatically capture and “live broadcast” pedestrians running red lights, which serves as a good warning. The weird phenomenon of “Chinese-style crossing the road” that appeared in the past, as long as a group of people rush forward regardless of the red and green lights, now the “Chinese-style crossing the road” with the help of liquid crystal displays has been put to a certain degree.

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