How to Purchase Industrial LCD High-brightness Screens?

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LCD high brightness screens

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Industrial LCD screens are different from ordinary LCD screens,especially for LCD High-brightness Screens, there are many differences due to different uses, Industrial LCD screens usually require continuous use 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you should pay special attention when purchasing.

LCD high brightness screens

What indicators should you pay attention to when purchasing industrial LCD screens?
How to choose the right industrial LCD product is very important. When purchasing, you need to pay attention to general indicators such as LCD type, color, size and resolution, brightness and contrast, response time, viewing angle, storage and operating temperature, relative temperature, signal and interface type. You also need to pay attention to whether it is suitable for high and low-temperature environments, sunlight Visual performance, waterproof and dustproof level, vibration resistance,

LCD High-brightness Screens in industrial displays have higher requirements than ordinary industrial displays.

What do we need to pay attention to when purchasing?

1. Resolution
Resolution is also called pixels. The content we see from the display screen is composed of pixels. For the same screen size, the larger the pixels, the better the display. The content of the picture is more detailed. For example, the resolution of 1920*1080 means that the display screen has 1920 pixels in the horizontal direction and 1080 pixels in the vertical direction. Of course, the higher the pixels, the more expensive they are. There are many common pixels, so you need to pay attention when purchasing.

2. Viewing angle
Viewing angle refers to the angle at which users can clearly see all displayed content on the screen from different directions. Viewing angle includes two standards: horizontal viewing angle and vertical viewing angle. When viewing a highlight screen, the angle where you can see the clearest display graphics and the best display effect (good contrast) is called the highlight viewing angle. A good viewing angle allows users to have a better user experience, no matter what position they are in. , will not affect the user’s reading experience.

3. Electro-optical response characteristics
The relative transmittance of the LCD screen changes with the change of the external signal voltage because the external voltage changes the arrangement of the liquid crystal molecules, which in turn affects the degree of light transmission, thereby adjusting and changing the display effect. The change in light transmittance of an LCD display with applied signal voltage can be linear or nonlinear, depending on the LCD technology and design used. This characteristic allows the LCD screen to accurately adjust brightness and image performance according to different application requirements. This is the electro-optical response characteristic and one of the most important characteristics of LCD.

4. Response time
The time it takes for the transmittance to reach 90% from 10%, that is, the time difference between applying the drive signal and seeing the pattern you want. The response time of the LCD monitor refers to the liquid crystal molecules switching states (for example, from one grayscale to another). grayscale or from black to white). This time is often used to describe how well an LCD monitor performs when displaying fast-moving images or video. The shorter the response time, the better the monitor can reduce ghosting and blurring when displaying fast dynamic content. For eSports or other applications that require high responsiveness, lower response time is often considered an important performance metric.

5. Brightness

The brightness of LCD High-brightness Screens is very important. The brightness of a general LCD screen is only about 200~300nits. Through technology, the brightness of the LCD display can be increased to 600~3000nits. It can also improve the viewing distance, viewing angle, color saturation and contrast. , expanding the application scope of LCD from NB and monitors to ATMs, car TVs, large video wall displays, smart communities, large business districts, etc.

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