What’s the point of having a router with a touchscreen?

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In today’s market, we can clearly see that the application fields of touch screens are becoming more and more extensive. Among them, some routers even use touch screens. The biggest feature of these touch-screen routers is that they are equipped with a small-sized resistive touch screen. Why does a router need a touchscreen? Is there anything special about such a router?

router with a touchscreen

Advantages of the router with a touchscreen

1. Almost no setup is required. Regardless of the so-called smart routing or traditional routing, there are generally no buttons that need to be set on the web page or mobile phone. We know that in daily life, a general smart home basically must use a mobile phone to control its various functions, which makes the smart home not particularly convenient. However, it is very convenient for a touch router to be equipped with a small touch screen, but it can also complete the Internet setting without a mobile phone or a computer.

2. Use the router like a mobile phone. First of all, you can simply view the network status and device list directly on the routing interface; enter the geek mode, and you can turn on the anti-scrambling function to update the system. In addition, this screen can be combined with routing, for example, as a password prompt when entering the routing background.

3. In addition to being simple and clear, touchscreen technology can be engaging and interactive. It is far simpler to operate and far more intuitive and engaging than a traditional computer. In fact, they can be so engaging that many customers prefer using them to speaking to a staff member.

4. Resistive touchscreens have more resolution than capacitive touch sensors, also they allow pressure-activated operation, which makes performing the desired action simple and easy using a bare finger, gloved finger, or stylus


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