Benefits of Adopting Bar Type LCD Screens in Industry

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LCD display technology is developing rapidly, and LCD bar type LCD screens are a relatively popular new product on the market. So what is a bar type LCD screen? LCD bar type LCD screen refers to a long-shaped LCD screen with an aspect ratio larger than that of an ordinary LCD screen. Its size is relatively rich and flexible, with high definition. It is used in commercial places and public transportation. , enterprise display area and many other fields. The bar type LCD screen can be combined with the motherboard system to support split-screen, time-sharing playback, terminal group management, account permission management, multi-screen synchronization, linked playback, etc.

Bar type LCD screens are widely used

Bar type LCD screens have been widely used in various scenes in our lives and have a wide range of applications. Common examples include public transportation systems such as airports, subways, and buses; teaching areas such as multimedia teaching and campus studios; display areas such as convention and exhibition centers and multi-functional exhibition halls; and commercial areas such as shopping malls, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

Benefits of Adopting Bar Type LCD Displays in Industry

Bar type LCD screens have high stability

Bar type LCD screens generally have more environmental considerations. For example, in public transportation systems, they need to be shock-resistant and high-temperature resistant. Therefore, bar screens require good reliability and stability. Bar type LCD screens generally use more durable glass substrates and add fixed structures to the backlight modules to achieve earthquake resistance. As a result, the strip screen has the reliability of an industrial-grade LCD screen and meets the needs of working in various harsh environments.

Excellent dynamic performance of Bar type LCD screens

When Bar type LCD screen are used in commercial places or corporate exhibition halls, the screen needs to have excellent dynamic performance and high-definition color display. At this time, we need to equip the Bar type LCD screen with an IPS full-viewing display module, so that Bar type LCD screen have ultra-high dynamic performance, a wider display angle, higher resolution and display contrast, and is more saturated. Degree of color display and faster response time. Thereby improving the overall visual performance of dynamic images.

Ultra-wide operating temperature characteristics of Bar type LCD screen

We all know that ordinary LCD screen products have an operating temperature of -20~+70℃. According to the needs of the use environment, LCD bar type liquid crystal screens generally use screens with a wide operating temperature, and the operating temperature is -30℃~+85℃. This enables Bar type LCD screen to adapt to hotter or colder working environments, and can work around the clock at natural ambient temperatures, making it very suitable for outdoor display. It meets the requirements for quick start-up and clear image display in low-temperature environments, as well as the conditions for normal operation in high-temperature environments.

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