What should we pay attention to in protecting LCD displays?

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Today, as the price of LCD panels continues to drop, the price of LCD displays has also dropped sharply. The major machine manufacturers have not given up the opportunity to launch different grades of desktop products with LCD screens as the selling point. I am sure many of my friends have already purchased the machine of their choice. So how to better use and maintain the machine, then let’s talk about how to maintain the LCD display screen, after all, it occupies a large part of the entire purchase cost!

LCD panels have the advantages of lightness, thinness, beauty, health, and energy-saving, which have won the love and favor of the majority of consumer groups. Various types of customers will tend to choose LCD panels, such as ip65, and ip67 LCD displays. But the expensive and fragile features also make many users to have a headache in the process of use and maintenance. In order to let you know more about the maintenance of the LCD display, we will provide you with a few experiences through data collection, hoping to give you some help.

1. Water is the enemy of the LCD display screen

Water is the first natural enemy of liquid crystals. If the LCD display of a mobile phone or electronic watch is exposed to water or operated in a high humidity environment, the digital image on the LCD display can become blurred or even invisible. It can be seen that the destructive power of water vapor on the LCD screen is amazing. Therefore, it is necessary to place the LCD screen in a relatively dry environment to prevent moisture from entering the interior of the LCD screen.

2. LCD display screens high voltage

This fire refers to the high pressure of industrial LIQUID crystal displays. Do not attempt to disassemble or modify the LCD monitor. Even if the LCD is turned off for a long time, the CFL inverter in the backlit component may still carry around 1000V high voltage, which is also quite dangerous to the human body.

3. LCD screen is susceptible to dust

Liquid crystals are prone to dust. It gets dirty over time and is naturally uncomfortable to use. If you find stains on the surface of the LCD display, wipe it gently with a soft cloth dampened with a little water. Do not spray water directly on the surface of the screen. Water entering the LCD will cause a short circuit on the screen.

4. LCD display screen touches 

The nobler things are the more fragile, and so is the LCD. If you tap the LCD with your finger, the screen image will create a wave circle. This is a common phenomenon of LCD. Direct contact with the LCD may damage small circuits and components on the LCD. The most common case is to generate dead pixels.

5. LCD display screen collision

The LCD screen is very delicate. In the process of violent movement or vibration, the quality of the LCD display and the liquid crystal molecules inside the LED display monitor may be damaged, greatly reducing the display effect. In addition, in order to avoid strong shock and vibration, the LCD contains a lot of glass and sensitive electrical components. A fall to the floor or other similar strong impact can cause damage to the screen or other components.

6. LCD display screen shutdown

The shut-off, reasonable use, and effective maintenance of LCD are very important to the life of LCD. For convenience, many people do not turn off the display after the shutdown, which will seriously damage the service life of the LCD. In general, do not turn on the device for a long time (more than 72 hours continuously). Another feature of LCDS in the display of images is that if a fixed content is displayed continuously for a long time, some OF the LCD pixels can overheat and cause damage, which should be noted. For example, turn off the LCD monitor when there is no problem, pay attention to how the screen saver works, or just leave it completely white and don’t make the display too bright. This is all a small effort that can extend the life of LCD displays.

If you are currently a user of LCD display screens, you would like to get some help from this short article. If you want to find high-quality LCD screen manufacturers to order LCD display screens, welcome to consult us.

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