Transforming Healthcare with Portable Industrial Displays

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The emergence of industrial displays has greatly changed all aspects of people’s lives, allowing portable diagnostic equipment to bring revolutionary changes to the field of medical diagnosis. These portable display devices enable rapid on-site diagnosis through their interactivity, bringing great convenience to remote and underserved areas, as well as remote treatment, improving and enhancing health care services. Applications across the medical spectrum Portable diagnostics have become indispensable in several key areas,such as Emergency Medicine, Remote Healthcare, Home Healthcare, Military Medicine

portable industrial displays

Designing display solutions for medical displays is a delicate and challenging project. Manufacturers of Portable Industrial Displays used in medical devices need to consider many issues, such as product reliability, electromagnetic interference, regulatory compliance, and more. In addition, displays used in manufactured medical equipment need to be able to withstand extreme conditions such as high temperature, low temperature, humidity or harsh environments based on the environmental requirements required for the first stage of medical treatment. Medical displays are expected to have some key features:

  • High Resolution – Monitors with higher resolution can present clearer images and visible details. This high-definition capability is highly needed in medical displays to provide accurate diagnostic or surgical images. The latest medical-grade display products from leading manufacturers include high-definition (HD), 4K and 3D screens.
  • High Contrast – High contrast performance enables the monitor to accurately reflect the image details and brightness differences of the screen.
  • High Brightness – High brightness is critical for devices in bright areas such as surgical monitors and handheld devices. With sufficient brightness, the display can present clear images in low light or dark environments.
  • Wide color gamut – Medical displays require better color gamut and accuracy to aid diagnostic or surgical applications. For example, some surgical monitors have enhanced red display capabilities (adding a deep red spectrum to provide 115% RGB), allowing for more accurate viewing of internal tissues and organs.
  • Wide viewing angle – Some medical monitors are used in operating rooms or direct patient care environments. In this case, they must be able to provide clear, high-contrast images with wide viewing angles to different users dispersed throughout the room.
  • Low Power Consumption – For devices that rely heavily on battery power, such as portable monitors and blood glucose machines, the display’s low power consumption is critical to increase efficiency and extend use time.

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