The Advantages of Industrial LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

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LCD is a type of flat panel display technology used in various electronic devices like televisions, computer monitors, smartphones, and calculators. The main components of an LCD include the liquid crystals, the backlight, the color filters, and the electrodes. The liquid crystals control the light passing through them, the backlight provides the light source, the color filters produce the different colors, and the electrodes apply the electric current to manipulate the crystals.

Nowadays, the application fields of LCD are becoming more and more extensive, and we can see LCD anytime and anywhere. We can see a variety of LCD displays in homes, train stations, hospitals, museums, stadiums, parks, supermarkets, restaurants, streets, etc.

Now let’s take a look at the advantages of industrial LCD displays:

  • High Resolution:

LCD technology supports high-resolution display, can present clear and sharp images and text, and provide a better visual experience.

Golden Margins touch display with AG coating that Can effectively prevent glare. Equipped with dual HDMI interface  DVI interface and VGA interface, it is very convenient for users to choose. The 2K high-definition monitor screen can display delicate Picture quality. Plus optical bonding between the touch screen with LCD modules together makes the picture a more realistic reality.

  • Less Energy Consumption:

The biggest advantage of the LCD screen is consumes very little energy when displaying static images, which greatly helps save power. According to statistics of various sizes, the power consumption of LCD monitors is about 50 watts, and the lowest power consumption can even reach 25 watts. This ultra-low power consumption is a major advantage, Whats more, it can save resources and better respond to the call for environmental protection, LCD technology does not contain harmful substances such as mercury, helping to reduce the environmental impact of electronic waste. In addition, the low energy consumption of LCD can not only extend battery life and perform better in the industrial field, but also reduce energy consumption and save costs for traditional industries.

  • High Brightness:

High-brightness LCD screens are LCD screens with higher brightness than ordinary LCD screens. Due to their characteristics, high-brightness LCD screens are widely used in special vehicles, ships, airlines, industrial installations, highways, and long-distance applications. Some outdoor places such as buses, shopping malls, and hospitals, and some high and low-temperature complex and extreme environment display systems also need to use bright LCD screens, so high-brightness LCD screens are often called outdoor high-brightness LCD screens. Among them, the brightness of industrial LCD can reach 1600nit.

Golden Margins –Entire Range of Touchscreen Products

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Optical Bonding Technology
High Brightness Monitor
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