Several tips to reduce industrial touch screen failures

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The industrial touch screen is mainly faulty due to screen hardware issues, wiring problems, and system version errors. If it is an industrial capacitive screen, check whether the control card is damaged, whether the appearance is damaged, etc. Here are 10 tips to reduce industrial touch screen failure.

Use large buttons for simple click interfaces on industrial touchscreen

Drag and drop, double click, scroll bar, drop-down menu, various windows, or other factors not only make some inexperienced users confused but also reduce user affinity for the product and lower their efficiency.

Run your application in full screen on the industrial touchscreen

Remove the filename bar and menu bar, so you can enjoy the benefits of running the entire screen.

Use bright background colors (not black) for industrial touchscreen

Bright background colors can hide fingerprints and reduce the visual impact of dazzling light. Other background colors keep our eyes on the screen image, rather than reflecting it, even in areas without icons and menu options.

Provide feedback to the user as soon as they touch the industrial touchscreen

Instant feedback is crucial for confirming that the touch has been accepted by the user. The response can be visual, such as a 3D button effect similar to a standard window button. Or you can respond with sound, that is, as soon as the user touches the screen, they will hear a clicking sound or other sound. Make sure the monitor immediately clears the previous screen and displays the hourglass icon (or other similar icon) before the next screen appears.

Remove the mouse cursor so that the user can focus on the entire industrial touch screen instead of the arrow

The mouse arrow on the screen makes users wonder how to use the arrow to do what they want to do. Removing the arrow changes the user’s thinking and behavior from indirect to direct. In this way, the true power of the touch screen is revealed.

Industrial touch screen must consider the following factors when designing self-service query machines

Use an exhaust fan? Place the fan at the top of the display outlet. Try to minimize the dust generated while walking and clear the dust on the ground to prevent air from entering the display. Align the speaker with the user’s ear.

Please use an ELO query machine touch screen. Otherwise, you must allow the display to vary widely in appearance and size, as they change rapidly. The monitor must be firmly attached to the base to ensure a firm feel.

Finally, choose a top coat that can hide fingerprints. Do not use glossy stainless steel, chrome alloy, or glossy black paint.

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