LCD Displays Allows Further Development of Smart City

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The visualization of data display and playback of recorded video can be applied in the construction of smart cities, so LCD screens are very necessary.  Therefore, control centers of smart cities often need terminals equipped with large-scale high-definition displays.  LCD displays are the best choice for indoor and outdoor displays because of their clarity and brightness.

In smart city construction, the traffic guidance screen is the most widely used LCD screen.  Under the background of the country’s vigorous development of transportation infrastructure construction, subway lines should be extended in the first and second-tier cities, and investment in transportation infrastructure construction in small cities should be increased to further promote the construction of smart cities.  The traffic display screen is an important part of its composition, and its application requirements will be intelligent interactive development.

In the new era, due to the mature intelligent traffic scheduling system in China, LCD technology will continue to grow with the acceleration of infrastructure construction.  The demand for liquid crystal displays (LCD) will also increase.

LCD Displays

1. LCD display screens participate in the construction of smart cities

With the increasing participation of LCD monitor factories in the construction of smart cities, many companies are not satisfied with the simple supply of components and began to challenge to make smart city visualization solutions. LCD display screens participate in smart city solutions no longer in the image of components, but independently as a system.

Based on the problems of the smart city operation and management center, a smart city visualization solution is proposed, including a small-pitch LCD splicing display screen system and a smart city visualization software system, to provide an overall solution for the construction of a smart city’s command/monitoring/dispatching center.

This solution has efficient and reliable big data access capabilities, supporting access to ultra-large-scale maps, 3D surface models, urban building models, and massive camera data. It can also support TB-level business data throughput and can visualize the various key data in the core system of urban operation, so as to provide management decision support for urban management, environmental protection, infrastructure, and other fields and to realize the intelligent management and operation of the city.

2. The application of LCD display screens in the field of microscopic display of smart cities

It is not widely used yet because of the cost.  Many application scenarios do not have high requirements on the display screen, and LCDS can meet the requirements.  It can be seen that the main application field of high brightness LIQUID crystal display is a macro smart city system.

In the future construction of smart cities, LCD display screens will become the main hardware, integrating functions such as data analysis, information processing, and information display. With the deepening of the development of smart cities, the product integration of LCD displays will be higher in the future. Many segments are integrated into one product. No longer distinguish the types of the management systems, only distinguish between terminals, to further develop the market.

As the country promotes the application of technologies such as the Internet of Things and “5G+8k”, LCD display screens are also actively combined with emerging technologies, showing cross-border features.

Interdisciplinary technology integration will become the development trend of the LCD display screen industry.

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