How to Reduce the Failure of Industrial Panel PC Touch Screen?

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The industrial tablet computer is an industrial computer that integrates a host, display, and touch screen. The touch screen is the medium to realize the touch operation of the industrial tablet computer. If the touch screen does not respond or makes an error, the user will not be able to effectively operate the industrial tablet computer. At present, touch screens commonly used in industrial tablet computers include resistive screens, capacitive screens, infrared screens, and surface acoustic wave screens. Then, how to reduce the failure of the industrial panel PC touch screen?

industrial panel PC

1. Capacitive Screen

1) For industrial panel computers with capacitive screens, the screen calibration process must be run the first time they are used. After that, the system automatically stores the calibrated data in the register of the controller, and there is no need to calibrate the screen after restarting the system.

2) In the process of use, if the resolution or display mode of the industrial tablet computer with a capacitive screen is changed, the touch screen system must be calibrated again.

3) Multiple touch drivers cannot be installed. The reason is that it is easy to cause conflicts when the industrial tablet computer system is running so that the touch screen cannot be used normally.

2. Resistive Screen

The resistive screen uses pressure sensing to determine the touch position, so it cannot be pressed on the industrial tablet by other objects, and the display casing must also be careful not to press the touch area.

3. Infrared Screen and Surface Acoustic Wave Screen

Touch methods such as infrared screens and surface acoustic wave screens require a clean working environment, and the screen of the industrial tablet computer needs to be cleaned regularly, otherwise, dust will affect the correct positioning of the touch screen.

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