Characteristics of industrial LCD display screens in engineering application scenarios

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With the continuous development and progress of LCD display technology, LCD display screen devices have been widely used in the field of intelligent transportation information display and have become the mainstream display method of modern transportation information display.

In the field of intelligent transportation information display, the corresponding traffic information display device products are required to display the current actual road traffic information in real time according to the requirements of road traffic management and traffic guidance information. LCD display monitor devices have the following characteristics in actual engineering application scenarios:

1. LCD display screens have high brightness and reasonable viewing angle

The release of road traffic guidance information is mainly for road traffic participants, generally for moving vehicles, so the viewing angle requirements for display products are not high.

Considering the situation where the display screen is directly exposed to sunlight, the display content of LCD display screen products should maintain a certain degree of clarity and visibility. Therefore, it is required that the display product has a higher brightness.

2. LCD display screens product can work continuously and adapt to different environmental conditions

Since the working place of the traffic information guidance LCD display screen is generally outdoor conditions, the relevant external environment is complex and changeable. Therefore, the environmental requirements for working temperature, rainfall, environmental humidity, air quality, weather, etc. should be considered to maximize the stability and reliability of the traffic information display.

3. LCD display screen can be remotely monitored to achieve intelligent detection

Due to the requirements of actual scenarios, the installation positions of the LCD display monitors used to release traffic information are usually distributed in a large area range. In this situation, traffic management control centers generally need to remotely monitor the single LCD display screen products on site.

Using the remote control to carry out daily maintenance and environmental monitoring of LCD display screens is more convenient and saves resources.

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