How to Understand the Excellent Characteristics of Industrial Displays?

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industrial displays

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Industrial touchscreen monitor technology in industrial LCD display monitors is a new type of human-computer interaction input method. Compared with traditional keyboard and mouse input methods, industrial displays input is more intuitive. With the recognition software, the touch screen can also realize handwriting input. The industrial touchscreen monitor consists of a detection component and a touchscreen controller installed in front of the display screen.

industrial displays
industrial displays

Ⅰ. How to identify the characteristics of industrial display monitors

When a finger or other object touches the industrial touch screen installed in the front of the display, the touched position is detected by the touch screen controller and sent to the host through an interface (such as an RS-232 serial port). Large touch screen function, the multi-function smart board, computer, and projector together form a large touch screen, the computer screen is projected onto the smart board through the projector, and the touch pen or finger is used instead of the mouse to operate the computer on the smart board to control Windows or Macintosh and Its application software.

The surface acoustic wave industrial display monitors, the touch screen part of the surface acoustic wave touch screen is just a piece of transparent tempered glass, so it can be made into a flat, cylindrical or spherical surface, and there is no need to add a special coating on the surface of the industrial touch screen. Ultrasonic transducers are installed on the corners of the touch screen, which can send a high-frequency sound wave across the surface of the screen.

When a finger or other object that can absorb or block sound wave energy touches the screen, the sound wave energy passing through the finger part is partially absorbed, and the coordinate position can be determined according to the change of the receiver signal. Compared with other types of touch screens in industrial display monitors, the resolution of surface acoustic wave touch screens are not affected by environmental factors such as temperature and humidity; good light transmittance, fast response, and third-axis response, so they are increasingly widely used.

The quality of industrial display monitors is related to one of the important criteria for judging LCD screens: that is the number of “bright spots”. What are the highlights? It means that a pixel that is continuously illuminated and does not accept the signal to be turned off appears on the LCD screen, which is also called a “dead pixel” in the line. Bright spots are generally not easy to detect, and you must carefully watch them under the black screen of industrial displays to find them. In fact, in the process of manufacturing LCD panels, the good rate cannot reach 100%, so there will be bright spots when they leave the factory.

Ⅱ. How to judge the effect of industrial display monitors?

This is a common question for many consumers. When selecting models, no matter how beautiful the industrial touch monitor manufacturers describe their products, the technical indicators and the actual performance of the screen are often different, so we should see it ourselves which is the most important thing. For some buyers who do not have much professional knowledge of industrial touchscreen display products, the easiest way is to feel that the displayed picture is very comfortable after the review, which is the best effect. If the picture is blurred, the font is unclear, and the eyes are uncomfortable at first glance, the quality is definitely not good, so you need to think twice when buying!

If you want to distinguish whether an industrial display monitor reaches industrial grade, there are actually many steps, need to analyze many aspects such as brightness and contrast, bright spots, high and low temperature, service life, viewing angle, and so on, then draw a correct conclusion! The purchase of industrial monitors does not only depend on the appearance but also on how to choose industrial monitors. I hope it will help you.

The above are some of the knowledge points we have compiled for you on how to identify the fine characteristics of industrial display monitors. The quality of industrial display monitors directly affects the performance of the terminal products, so you shall choose a professional one in use.


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