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HMIs are no longer confined to the enclosure door! HDMI-enabled device works with televisions, monitors, projectors, and most any other HDMI display device of any size to display real-time operational data or messages. However, only a select few touchscreen monitors are compatible. Fortunately, Golden Margins has a wide variety of touchscreens ranging in size from 10.4” to 21.5” that have been confirmed compatible HMI touch panel displays, without needing to upload new drivers . Our high brightness HMI displays compatible options include both Panel Mount models as well as VESA Mount touchscreens.


Golden Margins industrial LCD monitors and industrial touch screen solutions are designed and built with industrial-grade components. Our rugged LCD displays deliver the highest level of quality and reliable performance both indoors and out. Golden Margins Monitors provides rugged displays for the most challenging  environments.

Golden Margins touch display with AG coating that Can effectively prevent glare. Equipped with dual HDMI interface  DVI interface and VGA interface, it is very convenient for users to choose. The 2K high-definition monitor screen can display delicate Picture quality. Plus optical bonding between the touch screen with LCD modules together make the picture more realistic reality.

Golden Margins –Entire Range of Touchscreen Products

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Optical Bonding Technology

High Brightness Monitor
high brightness HMI displays

We hope you found these touchscreen or panel PC fundamentals informative. Goldenmargins offers a broad selection of Industrial Touchscreen Monitors and Touch Panel PCs in various sizes and configurations, including medical touch screens, sunlight-readable touch screens, open-frame touch screens, and waterproof touch panels, as well as other unique touch screen or panel PC designs. You can learn more about our services HERE or by calling us at +86 755 23191996 or sales@goldenmargins.com

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