Digital signage integrated displays help many industries

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Digital signage integrated displays

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In recent years, with the rapid development of integrated digital signage display technology, it has gradually entered the public eye and replaced traditional advertising display methods.

Digital signage integrated displays not only have a variety of different advertising methods, but can also be flexibly moved, enhancing interactivity and having powerful practical performance.

Digital signage integrated displays

What industries can Digital signage integrated displays be used in?

1. Education field
The multimedia functions and technology of interactive digital signage diversify the communication methods between students and teachers, making it an effective method to stimulate student participation in education. From early years to university, digital signage can be an effective way to introduce interactive tools to promote learning and information sharing. For example, students can now browse relevant knowledge and record their own notes on interactive information pages, and can achieve human-computer interaction through touch functions.

2. Financial institution field
Compared with traditional outdoor advertising equipment, the all-in-one digital signage touch screen has a simple and durable appearance. When used by financial institutions, it can not only better promote the corporate image and business development, but also effectively improve work efficiency and contribute to energy conservation and emission reduction. Through system settings, it can complete the integration of resources such as queuing and multimedia terminals, and can also realize system functions such as self-service, remote operation and management.

3. Medical industry
With the help of digital signage display all-in-one machines, medical institutions can independently broadcast basic patient information, registration, hospitalization and other related information, and provide map-oriented entertainment information and other content services. In addition, the touch function of the all-in-one machine allows doctors and patients to interact, and its visualization function can reduce patients’ anxiety during the process of seeing a doctor and truly serve others.

4. Government agencies
According to the unified control of the integrated digital signage touch screen in the background, management notices, policy notices, work guidelines, business matters, major notices and other information are released, which comprehensively improves the efficiency of information exchange. At the same time, the deployment of digital signage also facilitates staff’s business management guidance, reduces the work pressure of government personnel, enhances work efficiency, and makes work more visual.

To sum up, the digital signage integrated displays have many application fields. It can be seen in hospitals, schools, public transportation, restaurants, entertainment venues, etc. It is precisely because of the waterproof and dustproof, durable, 24-hour operation and other functions of industrial digital signage that we will see the footprint of industrial displays in more and more fields.

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