Application of Industrial Digital Signage in E-commerce

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In the past years, industrial digital signage has played an important role in all walks of life. We know that digital signage is a display that uses digital display equipment (such as LED, LCD, projector, etc.) Multimedia content technology. In life, it is widely evaluated in the fields of business, public services and education, and has the advantages of real-time updates, remote control, and strong interactive control. The core of digital signage is to use display devices of the Internet of Things to display dynamic and conveyable content featuring visual and auditory features. Digital signage can not only attract the attention of the audience, but also flexibly adjust the display content according to different scenarios and audience needs. , to ensure the transmission of information. In addition, digital signs can also integrate interactive technologies such as touch screens and sensors to enhance users’ sense of participation and interactive experience, making information transmission more flexible and interesting, and effectively improving the effect and coverage of information dissemination.

Industrial Digital Signage

So how does industrial digital signage play a role in e-commerce and what are its characteristics?

  • Excellent shopping experience: In the physical store, people can easily grasp the information of the products in the store through digital signage. Through the sliding of the touch screen, they can understand the information, user comments, inventory status, etc. of all products in the store, which strengthens the customer’s shopping impression. Through system operation, customers can easily scan the QR code to browse the products on the e-commerce platform, make online purchases or make reservations for services. In addition, customers can also check out independently, avoiding some ineffective social interactions.
  • Generate promotions and advertisements: Digital signage can update promotional information, coupons, limited-time discounts and other content in real time through system settings. Industrial digital signage can easily attract customers’ attention through its rich colors, high-definition resolution, and outdoor and indoor readability. , to drive immediate purchases. In addition, combined with the visual data analysis of the e-commerce platform, it can accurately push product advertisements that customers may be interested in and improve the conversion rate.
  • Brand-new interactive experience: Digital signage is equipped with a ten-finger touch high-definition touch screen or sensor, with a 2k high-definition display, which can provide interactive shopping fun. Customers can use industrial digital signage to find product information, compare multiple products, view product videos independently, etc. Human-computer interaction greatly increases the fun and participation of shopping.
  • Customizable services: Industrial digital signage can support customized services for the special needs of e-commerce. Whether it is product size, size, appearance, brightness, language or other special requirements, it can support customization, which not only allows e-commerce The display output forms are diverse and allow customers to experience new shopping fun.

In the future, in an era of increasing personalization, the importance of industrial digital signage in the application of e-commerce is self-evident. The customized services of industrial digital signage can help e-commerce become more intelligent and personalized. For example, by integrating AR/VR technology on digital signage to provide virtual try-on and immersive shopping experiences, and through 5G networks to achieve smoother interaction and real-time updates. These will further enhance the application value of digital signage in e-commerce and promote the development of the e-commerce industry.

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