How Can Display Companies Transform from Product Suppliers to System Integrators?

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LCD screen companies need to break the original thinking of “making screens” and look at and make screens from a higher level. From the product provider to the system integrator.

The methods of changing the role in the industry of LCD display screen

1. The construction of a smart city requires a good plan for the top-level construction of the city’s municipal administration. 

LCD display screen companies need to be familiar with the blueprint of the top-level design of the smart city and have an overall grasp of the overall situation of the construction of the smart city.

Liquid crystal display companies need to interact more with the municipal department to communicate and coordinate. Know which projects in the context of smart cities require LCD displays to participate? What is the display effect of the LCD screen required for municipal planning? Can your own company participate in these display projects? Can your products meet the requirements for participating in these projects? In what way does your own company participate? All this requires good consideration and a good trade-off.

2. After obtaining the qualifications of the project, the LCD display enterprise needs to integrate the obtained display project with the aesthetic content to effectively integrate the resources, and reasonably arrange the picture display and emotional expression. In this situation, the custom LCD screen service is very necessary.

The LCD display of smart city construction is no longer a single display, but a more humanized display that fits people’s psychological viewing.

3. The companies of LCD display monitors need a high degree of cross-border integration. There is an inherent connection between things. The construction of a smart city is a set of large-scale systems, which also need to be decomposed into various elements in a comprehensive situation. At the same time, it also needs to be systematically integrated with the situation of decomposing each element.

There are many contents in the construction of smart cities, and there will be many units and enterprises participating in the construction. Each element of participation needs to have a clear division of labor. While the division of labor participates in the construction of smart cities, each element serves the overall situation of smart city construction. Any unit or enterprise that wants to make greater achievements in the construction of smart cities requires a high degree of cross-border integration, and the same is true for the LCD panel company.

With the help of smart city construction, LCD display companies should break away from product suppliers and grow into display-oriented system integrators.

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