High Brightness Monitor- the Brightness of it and Use Tips

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Display can be divided into CRT, LCD, and so on. Generally speaking, the display belongs to the computer’s I/O device, referring to the input/output device, which is a display tool that reflects some electronic files on the display screen of a specific transmission device.

High Brightness Monitor

Due to the rapid development and progress of the times, the speed of change of High Brightness Monitor is also accelerating because of different needs and conditions of use. For example, the display effect required by customers is getting higher and higher, and the display must be clearer.

For industrial High Brightness Monitor, the project deployment of different customers requires more. For example, outdoor applications, high-temperature resistance, high light, waterproof, dustproof, low power consumption, fingerprint film, ten-point touch, static electricity, anti-scratch, and so on. Therefore, the requirements of industrial displays are higher and more demanding.

As we all know, if the general flat panel display is used in an indoor environment, its brightness will be around 250-300 CD/m2 (NIT), which can meet customer needs and reduce energy consumption. However, if the display is used in medical, industrial and public places, the brightness will be higher. The solar light is strong, and its brightness can easily exceed the brightness of the LCD backlight. Therefore, the required brightness should be at least 450 CD/m2. Of course, if you want to use a brighter display, Golden Margins also supports customization services.

Turn off or reduce brightness. Every electronic device has its lifespan, and some monitors will burn out due to long-term exposure to sunlight. Therefore, from a maintenance perspective, it is necessary to turn it off or lower the brightness when it is not in use to prevent the backlight from accelerating aging. Additionally, the display can be turned off during unnecessary use. If the same content is displayed continuously for a long time, some LCD pixels can overheat and then burn out internal components. Of course, customizing the self-adjustment of the display brightness is a good solution to better protect the display.


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High Brightness Monitor
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