Industrial Barebone System Mini Pc Linux Box PC barebone mini computer for AI Visual Positioning Equipment Automation

Embedded PC Box provide switches, indicator lights, and USB 2.0 ports . Lockable, and provides easy-to-identify color on and off-state markings to prevent omissions. Detachable dust-proof net

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Industrial Barebone System Mini Pc Linux Box PC barebone mini-computer for AI Visual Positioning Equipment Automation

Side view

Number of PCI, PCI-E slots


  • Alder Lake 12th Gen InteCore i9/i7/i5/i3/Pentium/Celeron LGA1700 processor Intel 7 process, compared to the standard 7nm process description method
    Note: the max power consumption supports 125W.
  • Support DDR4 2400/2666/2933/3200MHz U-DIMM memory ×2, max 64GB.


  • Provide switches, indicator lights, and USB2.0 ports ×2 (one of which is a dongle-specific USB port)
  • Lockable, and provides easy-to-identify color on and off-state markings to prevent omissions
  • Detachable dust-proof net, convenient for users to maintain


  • Support VGA+HDMI+DP display interface,LAN ×2,Intel i219V、i210,COM RS232/422/485 ×2(default),4 xCOM(extensible)
  • USB3.2 ×4 (default),USB2.0 ×4 ,USB2.0 ×2(extensible),PS/2 (optional),LPT ×1 (optional)
  • 4pin locking type custom terminals are reserved on the panel, and the default Remote SW and Power Led
  • Support rear panel Self-Define-Window and before delivery preset area OptionWindow. Add interface resources according to user needs.
  • PCIE 16X slot、PCIE 1óX slot(4X Signal).1×PCIE 4X slot(1×Signal)4× PCI slot


CPUAlder Lake 12th Gen Intel® Core™ i9/i7/i5/i3/Pentium®/Celeron® LGA1700processor
Intel 7 process, compared to the standard 7nm process description method
Note: the max power consumption supports 125W
ChipsetIntel® H610
Memory2 x DDR4 2400/2666/2933/3200MHZ U-DIMM Memory,max: 64GB
displayProvide VGA+HDMI+DP display interface and support independent three displays VGA:1920x 1200@60Hz HDMI2.1 :4096×2160@60Hz DP:
storageOptical drive x1, 2.5-inch hard drive x2,  3.5-inch hard drives x2, M.2 2280SATA/PCIEX1 SSD x1
NetworkLAN x1 Intel® i219V Gigabit Ethernet port x1  Intel® i21 OAT Gigabit Ethernet port x1
USBUSB 3.2 x4(default) USB2.0 x4  USB 2.0(expandable)
COMCOM x2(default), support RS232/485/422, COM RS232 x4(expandable)
ExpansionPCIE 16X (5.0) slot x1, PCIE 16X slot (2.0/3.0X4 signal)x1
PCIE4X slot (2.0/3.0X1 signal) x1, PCI slot x1
AudioRealtek ALC897 sound card (support Line-out, Mic-in)
GPIO4-way input and 4-way output (optional before leaving the factory)
OthersPS/2 optional support TPM2.0 x1(before before leaving the factory) LPT x1(optional before leaving the factory)
WatchdogWatchdog function, support 1~255 seconds system restart
Power InterfaceStandard ATX power supply, AT/ATX mode (optional)
Operating SystemWindows 10/11/Linux Ubuntu/Redhat Enterprise/Fedora Workstation/Open SUSE
Working Temp. -10°C-60°C
Storage Temp. -40°C-85°C
Working humidityWorking humidity
Vibration5grms/5-500Hz/random/working status (SSD)
1 grms/5-500Hz/random/non-working state(HDD)
Impact50g peak acceleration/half-sine (continuous 11ms)/working state (SSD)
20g peak acceleration/half-sine (continuous 11ms)/non-working state (HDD)
EMC/CertificationCE/FCC Class B

Optional CPU List

Optional CPU list
ModelNumber of CoresMain FrequencyTurbo FrequencyPower Consumption
I9-12900K16 cores3.9G5.2G125W
I9-12900KF16 cores3.9G5.2G125W
I9-12900KS16 cores4.0G5.5G150W
I9-12900F16 cores3.8G5.1G65W
I9-1290016 cores3.8G5.0G65W
I7-12700K12 cores3.8G5.0G125W
I7-12700KF12 cores3.8G5.0G125W
I7-12700F12 cores3.6G4.9G65W
I7-1270012 cores3.6G4.9G65W
I5-12600K10 cores3.6G4.9G125W
I5-12600KF10 cores3.6G4.9G125W
I5-126006 cores3.3G4.8G65W
I5-125006 cores3.0G4.6G65W
I5-12490F6 cores3.0G4.6G65W
I5-12400F6 cores2.5G4.0G65W
I5-124006 cores2.5G4.0G65W
I3-12100F4 cores3.3G4.3G58W
I3-121004 cores3.3G4.3G60W

Extensible Panel

options window is an extensible panel, can choose:

  1. COM x4,COM3/4/5/6, support RS232
  2. USB2.0 x2
  3. COM x4,COM3/4/5/6, support RS232,USB2.0 x2

Front Panel Introduce

  • The front door has a built-in removable dust-proof cotton to isolate external dust and is easy for users to disassemble and clean.
  • The front door can be locked to prevent random opening. Built-in side plug watchdog USB2.0 socket, power switch, and one USB2.0 interface.
  • The conductive foam makes the IO interface shell fully in contact with the conductive front panel, and quickly releases the harmful impact of high-voltage contact and static electricity systematically to ensure safe and reliable operation of the equipment.

Definition of Terminal

  1. Power light+
  2. Power light-
  3. Switch+
  4. Switch-

Pure Copper CPU Fan

  • The thermal conductivity of copper is twice that of aluminum. Our company uses pure copper fans. Compared with the aluminum fans commonly used in the industry, it greatly enhances the heat dissipation effect and reduces the temperature of the CPU and CPU peripheral devices, thereby prolonging the service life of the equipment;
  • Industrial applications usually require machines to run uninterruptedly for a long time, which leads to the short life of the fan, which has become a pain point in the industry. Our company adopts high-quality double-ball fan bearings, which greatly improves the life of the fan compared with the double-ball bearings commonly used in the industry, especially the oil-impregnated bearings;

Packing & Shipping