21.5 Inch IP65 Waterproof Industrial All-in-one Touchscreen Computer with Multifunction

Industrial all-in-one computers have a wide range of applications: hospital self-service registration machinesbank teller machinesgovernment office self-service terminalsairport and station ticket machinesshopping mall map navigation, etc.



waterproof-industrial-all-in-one-touchscreen have a wide range of applications: hospital self-service registration machines, bank teller machines, government office self-service terminals, airport and station ticket machines, shopping mall map navigation, etc.




1. Differences

The differences between industrial all-in-one computers and ordinary commercial computers are as follows:

1). Devices used

Commercial computers in the market generally pursue timeliness. Based on popular positioning in the market, the internal components of ordinary commercial computers only need to meet general requirements, but the service life will be relatively short. The quality and stability requirements of industrial all-in-one computers are high, and it is necessary to ensure that the industrial all-in-one computers can be used normally under harsh conditions.

2). Motherboard life

Because the internal hardware of ordinary commercial computers is fast to update, so ordinary commercial-grade motherboards only have a lifespan of six months to one year. The motherboard of the industrial all-in-one computer can reach a lifespan of 5 years under normal use.

3). Reliability

Due to different market positioning, certification methods and testing methods being different, industrial-grade products will be relatively strict in quality and stability.

4). Manageability

Ordinary commercial motherboards only provide the simplest remote management. In addition to providing similar remote connection management, industrial-grade motherboards can also realize remote unattended automatic switch machine functions.

5). Customization

Once an ordinary computer is produced, it cannot be changed at will, but in an industrial all-in-one computer, its industrial-grade motherboard can flexibly meet the subsequent special needs of some customers. Can realize user customization. Better and more perfect to meet the customer’s demand environment.

6).Protection function

This function only appears on industrial all-in-one computers, and it fully guarantees the high stability requirements of the system in harsh environments.

7). Working temperature

The use environment of ordinary commercial motherboards has limitations and can only be used in an external environment at 5℃-38℃. The motherboard of the industrial all-in-one computer can work stably at-20℃-80℃.

2. Specificity

Waterproof-industrial-all-in-one-touchscreen is also a kind of industrial computer, which has many characteristics such as sturdy and durable, shockproof, moistureproof, dustproof, high and low-temperature resistance, and excellent expansion.

1). High protection level

Waterproof-industrial-all-in-one-touchscreen adopts an all-aluminum alloy shell, and the front panel can reach the protection level of IP65, dustproof and waterproof, and durable.

2). Various installation methods

In addition to embedded installation, industrial all-in-one computers can also be wall-mounted, desktop-mounted, and open-mounted.

3). Support multiple architectures

The industrial all-in-one computer not only supports the X86 architecture, but also supports the ARM architecture, and can be adapted to multiple operating systems such as Windows/Linux/Android.

4). Integrated design

The industrial all-in-one computer integrates the host, industrial LCD display and touch screen into one, which is stable and saves space.

5). Human-computer interaction

The touch function provides excellent human-computer interaction.

6). Customized design

Industrial all-in-one computers must meet the special needs of customers for the working environment, such as special design and adjustment of temperature, waterproofness, and uninterruptible power system requirements. Therefore, manufacturers must have considerable R&D, production, testing, marketing and system integration capabilities.

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