10.1 Inch to 55 Inch Touch Open Frame Lcd Monitor Display Kits with Metal Box

10.1 Inch to 55 Inch Touch Open Frame Lcd Monitor Display Kits with Metal Box

55-inch touch display kit has original A standard touch screen,and all tested. With AG coating that Can effectively prevent glare. Provide a wide range of customization and scalability options, such as brightness,resolution,resistive or capacitive,cover glass.


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Optical bonding technology

A 55-inch touch display kit has a higher light transmittance and low light reflection, which can improve the brightness of the picture and clearly see the picture in the sun. With optical bonding technology, the touch display kit can effectively reduce the refraction of the air between the touch screen and the LCD module, increase the light transmittance,  also the display effect is more clear and transparent. Learn more

Touch Screen Kit Structure

The touch screen kit consists of cover glass,touch screen,optical bonding,and TFT LCD.

Cover glass: It protects LCD, has good light transmission, and has a high surface hardness, high strength, and strong scratch resistance. It is very suitable for large panel display covers.

Touch screen: LCD touch screen consists of touch detection components and touch screen controller.

Optical bonding: increase the light transmittance, reduces the refraction.

TFT LCD: with multi-functions,high resolution,lower costs,high brightness,the viewing Angle is wider.


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